Why Investing In Gold Is better Than Investing In Bitcoin

Bitcoin! We’re sure that you would have definitely come across this term at least once by the year 2017. Before then most of us would have no idea whatsoever Bitcoin was, or that it would be a game changes in the field of cryptocurrency. It made people millionaires and also made others invest in this so called digital currency. With all these meteoric gala back in 2017, cryptocurrencies garnered all the attention, even some saying that it would one day replace our precious gold as one of the world's most widely accepted investment assets. Nevertheless, the reality is that cryptocurrency faces plenty of risks which could be a major setback to its future performance. Perhaps Gold being a tangible physical precious metal has the upperhand because it has been there for centuries and people are much aware of its value. on the other hand "cryptocurrency"? Mmmm maybe not much!

Gold Brings Easy Money:

Get cash for gold is far more easier than getting cash for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not regarded as something that could be as liquid as it could with gold. Gold has a far better market than for bitcoins on a global scale.

Gold is far more reliable than Bitcoins:

Gold; unlike bitcoins has better trust and reliability. Because, a change in consumer preferences or even a new technological disruption or sudden change of government practices could easily bring the value of bitcoin.

Value And History:

We’ll have learned that how civilizations have traded Gold since years and it still keeps going today. Nevertheless it is guaranteed that Gold is sure to never lose its intrinsic value as a Precious Metal, and will always remain the same.

With all this in mind we can surely say that gold is the winner here, gold is always a smart addition your collection and is a collectible. You can wear them them, impress other with them and a lot more, and cryptocurrency? Nope!

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