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Unconventional Ring Designs

Rings – these tiny ornaments are pieces of bold statement jewellery. They’re all you need to achieve a minimal look. However, as these little beauty marks can be a reflection of your personal style, you should be looking for a remarkable one while choosing from a plethora of different types of ring designs – from heavy bold pieces to sleek and simple pieces – available today. So, we’ve got the scoop on some unconventional and always in trend rings that you can accompany with whatever look you are going to achieve!

  • Knuckle Rings

This contemporary piece is also sometimes referred to as tea rings or midi rings and has become a trendsetter. Knuckle rings, as the name suggests, are worn above the finger’s middle joint or the knuckle. An appropriate size of the rings ensures great comfort apart from style. Have a bold base ring with a sleek silver knuckle ring to achieve an exciting formal look.

  • Coloured Enamelled Rings

Enamel jewellery came to popularity around the 13th century. This trend emerged from the Meenakari jewellery craft. It showcases the fine art of jewellery design and is a method of decorating metal jewellery along with providing protection to the metal. With an impressive endurance, enamelled jewellery reflects the rich Indian tradition. A colour enamelled gold ring is undoubtedly a cute little thing that can make you stand apart from the plain gold ring users.

  • Crisscross Rings

Crisscross rings are said to symbolise the unity between two people illustrating a strong bond. So, consider it as a way to display the strength of your relationship. These are often sleek and simple, acting as minimalistic hand jewellery. It can be in a simple metal form or embellished with gemstones with many colour options to choose from.

  • Flat Top Rings

Flat top rings are flat on the front side and are a piece of bold and edgy finger jewellery. Men often adorn these because of its masculine form, but the trend has moved to female’s jewellery likes as well. Go for these flat top rings if you want to incorporate a bold feature with your simple attire.

  • Statement Rings

‘Oversize’ is the word for statement rings because these rings are larger in size and look bulky with heavy designs. These often pronounce the personality of the wearer and acts as the centre of attraction. Wear a simple dress with one statement ring of traditional or regal design, and you are ready to rock a delicate and robust look together.

  • Wrap Rings

Wrap rings give an impression of two rings coiling your finger, which can help you to add a fun element to your outfit. Adjustable wrap rings can provide you with the right fit every time you wear it. With wrap rings, it is easy to achieve a stacked and layered look.

  • Lightweight Rings

These delicate rings with airy designs are popular and go-to choice of jewellery to accompany a formal outfit and for daily use because of its comfort-providing feature. A filigree ring is a good option if you want an intricate design in the lightweight rings category.

  • Nature-Inspired Rings

Nature-inspired rings are rings accompanying elements of nature such as flowers, leaves, animals, etc. which always make people feel connected with nature. It is the best option to have in your jewellery collection if you are a nature fanatic.

  • Zodiac Rings

Who doesn’t love the spark and glittering colours of the precious gemstones, especially when it is set in gold. Having a zodiac ring that represents your zodiac is an exciting way to showcase who you are.

Rings are tiny but mighty pieces of jewellery that themselves have more than enough in them. They’re essential components of every jewellery collection. If you’re someone who is looking out to add more offbeat, unconventional rings to your collection, you should definitely check out the product page of ANS, the best gold, silver, and diamond jewellery in Salem. We have a tremendous collection of rings and other gold jewellery that is sure to get your inspiration flowing!

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