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Traditional Necklaces For Brides And How to Style Them

A wedding is a special moment in a person’s life, so it has to bring that extra bling and charm to make the event unforgettable.

But how really can you make your marriage so memorable?

Think about the impression people will have when they see you standing like a stunning queen from the royal kingdom of an old era. And, that can occur when you wear traditional bridal jewellery that not only exudes royal feels but also doesn’t weigh you down. Here is the list of the most elegant and famous bridal necklaces, and the perfect ways to style them, so that you’ll look as gorgeous as Deepika Padukone appears in the movie ‘Padmavat’, on your big day!

  • The Conventional Choker Necklace

A choker necklace is a close-fitting necklace that’s worn against the neck as opposed to the traditional chest region and is crafted by Sumerian artisans around. It can be worn with numerous necklines from deep to high. Even though chokers are made from various materials, for a bridal look, a gold choker with intricate designs and heavy embellishments would feel royal and lavish.

  • The Royal Rani Haar Necklace

Rani haar is a long single-stringed or multi-stringed necklace with a large or chunky pendant that steals the attention. As the name suggests, it certainly will make you feel like an empress. It’s mostly crafted using Kundan work and gemstones.

Style Tip: Rani haar looks excellent if paired with chokers because the short choker and the long Rani haar adds contrast to your look. It can act as a statement piece and is adorable with a V-neck blouse.

  • The Stately Satlada Necklace

Satlada traditionally has a unique style and is a seven-layered pearl necklace attached or woven which can run from neck to navel. Other versions include Panchlada (5-layered necklace) or Teenlada (3-layers). Satlada, a collection of Nizams of Hyderabad often has woven filigree gold work.

Style Tip: As Satlada is an elaborate necklace-type, it can be used to enhance simple attires or bridal dress, especially with a scoop or low necklines. It can add details to a monotone blouse. It also can graciously shine through with any colour palette you opt for.

  • The Divine Navratna Necklace

Navaratna necklace consists of nine different gemstones. Because of having multi-coloured stones, it’s perfect for monotone outfits. It comprises of pearl, emerald, ruby, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite. It is also believed to infer positive effects on the wearer as well.

Style Tip: Shades such as grey, beige, light purple, peach, orange or pink are prominent to wear against a Navaratna necklace.

  • The Beautiful Gulbandh Necklace

A Gulbandh necklace is a simple and modest type of jewellery that sits just below the collarbone. It is also popularly known as the Princess necklace. A Gulbandh can be a minimalist necklace or a maximalist with intricate works, big pendant or heavy embellishments depending upon your choice.

Style Tip: It is a necklace with a flattering length so it can go well with Indian as well as western attires. An outfit with a sweetheart neckline is great to accentuate and draw attention towards the Gulbandh necklace.

  • The Bold Bib Necklace

A large and enormous necklace that covers the major portion of the chest area. These have networks of elaborate and detailed design with beautiful hangings. A bib necklace would be the sole jewellery you will need to fill up your entire neck and chest region.

Style Tip: Bib necklaces can be best complemented with deep-cut necklines of both Indian and western attires.

  • The Traditional Aadh Necklace

It’s one of India’s oldest forms of necklaces that comprises a solid block choker and descending strings of triangles that cover almost the whole neckline region. An Aadh necklace with intricate patterns and gemstone work looks stunningly traditional and regal.

Style Tip: As an Aadh necklace doesn’t cover the shoulder region, it can pretty much supplement an attire with a deep square neckline.

  • The Charismatic Collar Necklace

Collar necklace is a type of bridal necklace similar to chokers, but it lies closer and tightly fitted to collar bones just like an actual collar. These are a combination of a choker necklace and a Gulbandh necklace so can be opted for bridal wear if you want to have looks of both the necklaces in one piece.

Style Tip: It’s a flattering piece for a minimal look and stands out with a deep sweetheart or round necklines.

  • The Grand Guttapusalu Necklace

Guttapusalu is like a South Indian variant of the Rani haar. It is a long loopy necklace set in precious stones with bunches of small pearls at the fringes and has remained as one of the vital jewellery pieces of the south Indian brides for a long time.

Style Tip: As it is a long necklace, it looks best with not so deep U-neck, V-neck, high neck or close round necklines. It’s also great to pair with other small length necklaces such as a Choker, Gulbandh, etc.

Not The Basics..!

These are surely not the basics but the opulent traditional jewellery that reflects Indian culture and heritage. No matter what the occasion is, traditional jewellery is one of a kind that should be present in every girl’s bridal collection to give a sense of value to her visual appeal. We, at ANS Jewelry, the best gold, silver, and diamond jewellery in Salem, is here to provide you with the most desirable traditional ornaments that will match up to your expectations. Check out our gold and diamond necklace collections to choose the ornaments which suit the best for you.

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