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India is a land of exotic pieces of jewellery. One such jewellery item is the toe ring which is worn mostly by women. The practice of wearing toe rings has been active in India from ancient times. Traditionally, this little ring is worn on the second toe of each or both feet, but the modern conventions have given much freedom for you to wear it on any of the toes as you like.

In India, toe rings have always been connected to different symbolic meanings. Besides this, they are popular by various names in distinct states – say, ‘Bichiya’ in Hindi, ‘Minji’ in Malayalam, ‘Metti’ in Tamil, and more. Whatever be the name, most of the Indian cultures use toe rings to signify that a woman who wore it, is married.

These are just the basic facts about toe rings; there’s a lot more to know about this miniature jewellery piece. Read on to explore what they are!

History Of Toe Rings

Records suggest that toe rings have originated in India. The epic, Ramayana, written by Valmiki in the 4th century B.C. also mentions the use of toe rings by married women. According to ancient customs, these were worn to reap certain health benefits and maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Around the 1960s, toe rings started to gain popularity in the western countries too. There, the women used these rings mostly as a fashion accessory that are worn to add femininity to their outfit.

Adjustable Vs Fitted

When it comes to the design of toe rings, there are mainly two types – adjustable and fitted. Now with two entirely different varieties of rings, the major confusion for women is whether to get one that is fitted or adjustable. But let’s tell you – each has its own advantages, but ultimately the choice depends on your comfort level and wearability.

Adjustable toe rings offer the convenience of ‘One size fits most’ and is the most prefered choice by several women. These are also more affordable than fitted ones.

Fitted ones are designed for comfort and can be easily worn for a more extended period or even daily. They usually come in solid bands with intricate designs, patterns or gemstones embellishments. One thing to keep in mind is to choose the right size; else it would fall off as you walk.

Choosing The Right Toe Ring

Toe rings can effectively speak about your personality. So, go for something that reflects who you are. You can choose from minimal design to intricate designs that suit you best.

While style is not everything, how it fits you is also an essential factor to consider. To measure your toe size, use the tape and then refer to the scaling chart used for finger rings to get an accurate idea of your toe size.

What Are Toe Rings Made Of?

Traditionally in India, toe rings are made of silver. But today, these are made from various materials, from which you can choose the most appropriate and affordable one. As it is a feet jewellery, quality also plays a significant role. For everyday use, go for the best quality to avoid wear and tear.

For metal lovers, toe rings made from sterling silver and gold are the favourite ones. Apart from metals, non-metals such as string, wood, glass, beads, etc. are some of the popular ones used for making toe rings.

Styling The Toe Rings

Luckily, toe rings are something that goes well with both traditional and modern outfits.

When wearing casual clothing or sportswear, go for toe rings made from non-metals such as the beaded one or a simple string type. To accompany a traditional look, metal toe rings with intricate designs are the best. For formal events, you can pair your outfit with some contemporary toe rings with minimal design. For bridal looks, the best one to go for is the classic gold or silver toe rings with intricate design and gemstone embellishments.

Jewellery For Your Toes

Toe rings are not all about beauty; instead, it’s about the traditions the jewellery have upheld for years. Even though it originated in India, over time, it got popularity in the whole world. Not just women, but men also wear toe rings in certain locations. Now, these traditions have given rise to numerous fashion statements that you can incorporate to add uniqueness and elegance to your appearance.

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