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The World’s Second Largest Diamond Unearthed in Botswana’s Mine in Africa

No matter how big or how small, diamonds will always be treasured for their beauty. They are simply beautiful and provide an artistic ambience to those who adorn them, diamonds are also believed to attract good luck and health. The significance of these wonderfully precious stones was recently amplified in Botswana, when a colossal diamond weighing close to 352 grams was unearthed. This 1,758 carats diamond was mined by a Canadian company running the Karowe diamond mine in central east Botswana and is believed to be the second largest diamond in the world after Cullinan.

The diamond is the largest Lucara has mined from its Botswana operations in recent years, beating its previous discoveries of a 472-carat and a 327-carat diamond recovered in 2018.

Eira Thomas, CEO of Lucara said that the technologically advanced, XRT diamond recovery circuit once again delivered exceptional and historic results. Since the new XRT plant was established, some 12 diamonds exceeding 300 carats have been sourced and produced. This also includes two stones that weighed over 1000 carats.

So, why are these diamonds considered a valuable possession? Diamonds are an investment one can see, hold, and wear. They are also highly durable, as diamonds are the hardest thing on our planet. They are dream sparklers that women of all generations love to adorn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to treat yourself to something that is as precious as diamonds? If you are searching for those lovely diamonds that have enraptured your heart and you would love to adorn, we at ANS jewellery can help you choose from a stunning range of diamond collection and let the special you shine through.

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