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The Legendary Pachchikam Jewelry!

India is a great old nation that has beheld countless cultures and traditions brought by different empires. We have a splendid past of incredible artisans who have designed brilliant pieces of jewellery that have probably become the unique jewellery collection in the world.
Although machines have mostly taken the place of craftsmanship over the years, we still have a few dedicated craftsmen who sculpt jewellery designs that are passed on through generations. Pachchikam jewellery is one such treasure that persists as the glorious memory of our invaluable tradition of the bygone eras.
The Story Of Pachchikam

Unlike other types of antique jewellery, little is known of the history of Pachchikam.
Its beginning can be traced to early European designs in the 16th century. Initially believed to be worn by the English dignitaries, this art intricacy reached the Indian shores (especially in the Gujarat and Kutch regions) through the exchange of trade and commerce, in the 18th and 19th centuries. Indian artisans then added their own unique styles to these jewellery designs, thereby transforming them into works of Indian arts.
Details Of The Design

A quality that keeps Pachchikam jewellery apart from other jewellery collections is that it brings out an aesthetic beauty within an affordable budget, by setting uncut glass and semi-precious stones in silver rather than in gold. One of the significant reasons for using silver as its defining metal is the malleability and the affinity of silver with the precious platinum.

Other common elements that go into the making of Pachchikam jewellery are white rice pearls and white, red & green stones.
The Crafting Process

The name ‘Pachchikam’ is believed to be derived from the word ‘Pachchigar’, which means ‘Goldsmith’. As the word indicates, a goldsmith plays a pretty laborious role in crafting Pachchikam jewellery.
The process starts with fabricating a silver case, into which the semi-precious stone is inserted. The smith presses the case edges on the stone and then file groves on it.

Upon looking closely at the jewellery piece, you can observe that it is crude in nature; however, it is where the real charm and aesthetic appeal of this silver jewellery lie in.

The manufacturing process is not only arduous but is also time-consuming.
The Recent Trend Setter

Pachchikam jewellery, which has been passed down from generations, has made its come back into the fashion industry recently and is now undergoing improvements by modern jewellery designers. With their vibrant designs, this stunning jewellery is expected to replace the existing traditional jewellery forthwith.
Today, Pachchikam jewellery collection includes various sorts of ornaments like bracelets, chokers, earrings, necklaces, rings, and many more. The recent rise in the customer base of this jewellery collection has also led to a high surge in the Western export of it.
Transform Yourself Into A Royal Princess!

It’s no secret that most of the modern girls wish to wear white gold or dainty diamond jewellery. However, if you desire to stay away from the norm and rock the “royal lady” look, it’s good to try antique jewellery sets. We’re sure you might get overwhelmed with how much you adore and appreciate it!
All kinds of antique jewellery, including Pachchikam, Kundan, Meenakari, Polki, and Jadau, are elegant, timeless, and unique, in their own ways. If you want to choose from the astounding collection of antique jewellery, you may visit the store of ANS – the best gold, silver, and diamond jewellery in Salem. Also, you may reach out to us at 0427-2440703, or via our contact page to make any jewellery-related enquiries.

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