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The Elegant Pooja Room Collections!

The festival of Holi is here! Apart from playing with colors, poojas are significant attractions of Holi.

But are you ready with a pooja room with the right idols and tools to felicitate the Lord’s divine presence in your entire home?

If not, here are the best from the exclusive Holi Collection of ANS – the best gold, silver, and diamond jewelry in Salem, to bring an enchanting feel of a temple to your pooja room.


The essential thing in the Pooja room is a lamp. How precious would it be when it comes along with the God of wisdom, success, and good luck?!

The five-faced light with Lord Ganesh in the top and elephants guarding in the five faces of the lamp gives a unique ambience of devotion. This art piece puts together the concept of Ganesh as the light-bearer along the path to enlightenment.

This unique piece is also a perfect choice for gifting purposes.


The elephant is a well-known symbol of wealth.

This silver kuthu vilakku with a traditional decorative stem made like an elephant holding the lamp in his head, and peacock bird, the vehicle of lord Saravana on the top of the lamp, is the right choice to bring prosperity to your homes.


Beautify your pooja room with this sterling silver pooja lamps – one with silver sangu (counch) & one with chakkaram.

Increase the holiness in your pooja with these beautiful lamps that symbolize Lord Venkateshwara, and get a little closer to God.


Pooja is an essential section of devotion towards God.

Here is a pooja set containing an attractive plate, four well-crafted small bowls to keep water, bhasma, chandana..etc and a single bell with bright timbre.

This is made with an antique finish and quality silver.

  • Radha-Krishna Idol

Spread love in your home with this antique silver Radha and Krishna, flying on a silver swan!

Handcrafted beautifully in sterling silver, it symbolizes the divine union of the Jivatma and Paramatma – the individual self and the universal self.

Now It’s Your Turn

Our charming selection of pooja room collections doesn’t end here.

We have a much more exciting Silver Collection, including a variety of lamps, pooja sets, and articles that bring the real divinity to your homes as well as lives.

Don’t miss it! Have a look at the product page of ANS right away!

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