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The Best Necklaces of the World

Necklaces hold an essential place in human history and have been in use for thousands of years. The reasons and purpose of using jewellery vary from person to person. Some wear it as a fashion statement while some wear it to portray power and wealth while some use it as a token of love. Whatever the reasons are necklaces have been one of the admired jewellery choices over the years.
The Marie Antoinette necklace

This necklace is named after the famous French queen Marie Antoinette and has now become a symbol for lavish and royal lifestyle. The jewellery designed by De Beers features a 1.84-carat pink diamond with two 5.24-carat yellow diamonds. This exquisite diamond jewellery was one of the costliest necklaces in the world. Our diamond necklace model DNEC006 is a design that is inspired by the Marie Antoinette necklace but with its own differences.
L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

Famous for the largest internally flawless diamond, and thus achieving the name L’Incomparable, this is a design created by Lebanese jeweller Mouawad. The necklace has a 407-carat yellow step-cut diamond which is attached to a rose gold chain along with 91 white diamonds in an asymmetrical design that resembles the leaves of a vine. The Doha Jewellery and Watch Exhibition first unveiled this royal piece in 2013. Our necklace model Neck012 most probably matches this beauty along with being budget-friendly.
Christie’s Diamond Pendant

This diamond necklace auctioned in 2001 and designed by Christie cost a whopping $4.8 million. It has a pear-shaped pendant similar to a water droplet shape attached to a smaller round diamond. A simple white gold chain accompanies the pendant which weighs around 47.49 carats. It’s surely a piece that feels luxurious in the most satisfying way. Check out the jewellery model DNECO10 that’s crafted by ANS keeping in mind Christie’s diamond pendant but in a gold necklace fashion.
The Mrs Winston

Mrs Winston necklace is the same one that Jessica Alba sported during the 2013 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. It’s a cascading diamond necklace with 187.5 carats high-quality white diamonds, most of which resembles pear shape. It is composed of 207 diamonds and exhibits a 1950s look. The jewellery has a v-line, and all the diamonds are set in platinum that perfectly looks elegant besides complimenting the diamonds. Our diamond necklace design DNEC004 perfectly steals this look.
Heart of an Ocean

Remember the jewellery that got featured in the Hollywood movie Titanic? Well, this is that same necklace. The necklace’s name heart of the ocean is a name that perfectly suits its charming design. This necklace has a heart-shaped blue diamond pendant surrounded by white diamonds. The pendant is attached to a string also of white diamonds and is one of the alluring and fascinating jewels ever made in human history. It surely has a magnetic touch to it as the name suggests the heart of the ocean. Our necklace model DPEN004 is one that’s inspired by this necklace but with an Indian touch.

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