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Stylish Options Of Wearing Gold Jewellery

Forget to put on that lovely ring your partner gifted; and your finger will suddenly feel naked!

Yes, we have all been there.

Jewellery is sometimes that much linked to our life – making us feel perfect!  But, most of us are just not sure about choosing stylish gold jewels to complement themselves.

To help them out, ANS – the best gold, silver, and diamond jewellery in Salem, shares some truly extraordinary gold jewellery trends to help you expand your own repertoire with those fashionable picks.

Jazz Up Your Look With Pretty Earrings!

Gold earrings, as always, continues to remain a favourite of women. With a bounty of styles and designs available, you can effortlessly choose those perfect pairs for you to look good.

Have you tried these new-age alternatives?

  • Dangling Gold Earrings: A pair of cool earrings that look girly and are fit for all situations. They are pretty versatile and adjustable, making it simple to handle without worries.


  • Colourful Earrings: No better way is there to accessorise a casual monochrome outfit than wearing a couple of colourful earrings with gold elements. You may also go for gold customisation options to inculcate your lucky birthstone in this versatile pair of joyful earrings.


  • Gold Geometric Earrings: Another trend to modernise yourself is by wearing hoop earrings, triangular, circular, or any shape earrings you prefer.


  • Stud Earrings: The small size of these earrings makes them look sophisticated. You can select from various shapes and colours, and can effortlessly pair them with a delicate necklace or bracelet to complete your chic look!


  • Gold Ear Jackets: They look enchanting, particularly if they have gemstone accents on them! These striking earrings are trendy at the moment; so, don’t be reluctant to get a pair, by customising with those of your favourite gemstones!



Neck-Deep In Style!

Gold chains are ever in fashion. Despite the design, it is something that adds a final touch to your ensemble! Here are a few prospects that are on the trending list now:

  • Diamond Gold Necklaces: Nothing can match a diamond jewellery for its shine, cuts, and brilliance. Wearing one such neck chain is classy, and at the same time fashionable, making it ideal for any events.


  • Gold & Silver Chain: Oxidised, sterling, or black silvers are combined with gold to bring that casual, however, not too gaudy yet classy appearances.


  • Personalised Gold Chains: These days, people are more into personalising their stuff. Gold adornments can similarly be personalised through with your names, special dates, motivating quotes, etc.


  • Layered Kundan Chains: Handcrafted Kundan jewellery with valuable Indian gemstones set with a gold foil, is one of the best options for women when wearing ethnic attire like saree.


  • Antique Gold Long Chains: With devotional temple and magical goddesses’ designs carved on the precious yellow metal, antique ornaments can be fashionably worn to add a touch of royalty to your overall appearance!


  • Gold Chains With Swarovski Crystals: Swarovski crystals placed with pearls in a gold chain is a splendidly crafted jewellery piece to enhance your smart look.



Bangles & Bracelets For Charming Wrists!

Now, let us talk about the fresh trends in improving the elegance of wrists:

  • Chain Bracelets: A regular wear jewellery that can be teamed up with literally any outfit for a simple yet attractive look.


  • Charm Bracelets: Multiple trinkets or single trinket like sun, moon, stars, hearts, leaves, butterflies, etc. make it CHARM (as the name says!) enough to be used as a stylish accessory.


  • Cuff Bracelets: These thick, open bands, are best worn to get a casual evening or a minimalistic look.


  • Personalised Bracelets: Personalised wristbands with your name, a quote, or an important date, can flaunt your appearance with an incomparable style.


  • Bangles: Antique and Kundan bangle collections are most preferred by females today. These are best to pair up with sarees and other ethnic wears for completing that traditional look.



Ring Never Goes Out Of Fashion!

The ring trend is gearing up to pick up more steam in the subsequent years, with the rising popularity of these:

  • Stackable Rings: Stacking up different rings on top of each other on the same finger, is a smart option you may seek with modern outfits.


  • Cocktail Rings: Oversized rings with a large centre stone and a lot of small stones surrounding it, can be used as a party wear jewellery.



That’s all about trendy gold jewellery options!

Now, how will you match a dress colour for the above-mentioned jewellery?

There is no obvious answer to this; merely consider your occasion, mix and match several options, and find out whichever works for your personal style.

Trust us – it won’t take too long for you to stumble upon the perfect combination!










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