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Spiritual Benefits Of Wearing Ornaments

With just a MANGALSUTRA – a piece of auspicious gold jewelry tied around the pretty bride’s neck by her proud groom, both of them are forever joined in marital bliss through a symbol of eternal love!

So, unquestionably, there will be something more than the pure aesthetic appeal in this jewelry piece, for it to play such a vital part in the lives of two people.

Wonder what that is..?

It is believed that jewelry endows the benefit of divinity and shields your body from incurring any negative energies. Apart from augmenting the beauty of the wearer, there are plenty of spiritual gains a person is assumed to attain from wearing jewelry. Below discussed are the findings based on remarkable spiritual research on the spiritual impacts of wearing particular ornaments in specific parts of the body.

When You Wear Your Golden Ring.

Wearing a ring is an activity justified by tradition and religion. But have you ever contemplated why we keep a ring finger specially reserved for that? Well, these are the reasons:

  • Wearing a ring on your ring finger will let the divine consciousness emit from the ring, resulting in the creation of acupressure on that finger. This is supposed to significantly diminish any sort of black energy, boosting the finger to attain the ultimate divine power.
  • For more spiritual perks, men can wear rings on their right hand, while women can wear on their left hand.

Necklace Means A Lot More!

Jewelry worn around the neck is a popular trend with no expiry at all! Although, there is something more you will acquire from wearing this elegant accessory:

  • A gold chain around your neck is considered to bring divine consciousness.
  • The Raja-Tama particles (impure subtle component) in your nearby environment will more likely get destroyed.
  • Fighting spirit against negative energies (demons, devils, ghosts, etc.) are found to produce.

Why Accessorize Your Wrists?

Wrist ornaments are the oldest, charming adornments, which dates back to the late 5000 BCE. Now, let’s examine the spiritual effects of wearing golden bracelets on your wrist:

  • A protective ring of divine consciousness is presumed to form around the hand.
  • Ancestors believe that this attracts the principle of the Sun Deity, perceived by power and strength.
  • Saviour energy is surmised to be activated and emitted from the hand.

The Significance of Ear Piercing

In ancient China, earrings were worn to win numerous health goals. They believed that wearing a stunning ornament on your pierced ears can bring something more like…

  • Attracting the divine principle, which surrounds a person with the ability to forgive, happiness, comfort, patience, perseverance, etc.
  • Drawing a stream of bliss that encircles a person.

“A piece of jewelry isn’t just for beauty, but for well-being as well” – now you know it right!

Before you get to purchase ornaments, know that the older generation indeed offered real purposes for determining the material used in making ornaments. However, we couldn’t deny the point that most of you would love to get it designed fashionably.

So, on our forthcoming articles, we will focus on delivering ideas on the stylish options you may prefer while sticking on to reaping the feel-good factors of wearing ornaments of specific metals.

Watch this space for more updates on this from ANS – the best gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry in Salem!

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