– The Vibrant Meenakari

There has been a jewellery trend here for decades, which is still making the loudest noise – the enamelled jewellery, otherwise the beautifulMeenakari’!
Used in the adornment of Mughal families years before, this charming gold jewellery has become the talk of the town, after the release of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Bollywood magnum opus, ‘Jodhaa Akbar’, in 2008. While the romantic historical movie made headlines for all the right reasons, the intricate earrings and elaborate necklaces of the gorgeous heroin took all of us by storm.
From then on, a lot of women, including brides, started to pick stylish Meenakari jewels, to add a dash of vibrancy to their looks on special occasions. Being able to beautifully blend with both traditional attires like sarees or western clothes, the exquisite ornaments will continue to stay as one of the favourites among Indian women.
So today in our article series, we’ll feature the details of the most majestic meenakari jewels category.

The Real Royal Art!

Ideally, ‘Meenakari designing’ is the term that is referred to the whole process of coating grooves in jewellery with coloured enamels.
The jewellery usually highlights depressions that are similar to animal figurines, Gods’ images and other popular designs, to make it to the form of a picture, which is enhanced by filling the enamels. These are not only available in traditional reds and greens, but also in so many offbeat colours like blush pink, powder blue, mint green, etc.

The Journey…

Creating Meenakari ornaments begins with crafting the striking design on a metal surface, which is then engraved in the design pattern.
Following this, the enamel dust of the needed colour is carefully added to those grooves.
Each colour is then heated individually so that the colours will melt, and spread uniformly in the groove. Usually, most heat-resistant colours are fired first, as they could be re-fired with each added colour.

Spectacular Pieces

Meenakari is one of the trendiest options available today in gold jewellery, mainly in the following types:

1. Meenakari Earrings

The best way to keep yourself stylish and look differently in the fashion race is to wear these charming earring set! While Meenakari Jhumkas make your look elegant and classic on any occasion, Meenakari Chandbali earrings and Meenakari oversized studs are perfect matches for most outfits.

2. Meenakari Necklace

Stylish and presentable enough stranded choker necklace, attractive elaborate collar necklace that goes well with attire with a plunging neckline, long Rani haar with an elaborate pendant, evergreen layered necklace – your options to stand out from the crowd are endless!

3. Meenakari Bangle Set

Yet another piece of jewellery that can be worn on any occasion and can perfectly complement your looks on any events. Blue and yellow Meenakari bangles with uncut diamonds, multicoloured bangles in soft hues, intricately designed lotus bangles, elegantly enamelled studded bangles, etc., are the best options available for you in this category.

4. Meenakari Rings

While multicoloured rings and floral shaped rings offer a classic antique rich look, oxidised meenakari rings are suitable for almost all indo-western attire.

Worried About Getting Tarnished..?

Yes, when you wear gold ornaments frequently, there is a risk factor that the enamel on the backside of the jewellery piece to wear off.
However, the exciting matter about Meenakari jewellery is that it brightens up with each time you wear, thanks to the unique minerals applied for enamelling!
Now, got the main reason why Meenakari are price-wise higher as compared to other jewellery items?
So, that’s all about the charming Meenakari!
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