– The Magic Of Gandaberunda!

Long, long back, somewhere around the 9th century during the reign of the great Chola dynasty…
…There was the birth of a particular jewelry piece – undoubtedly unique and something like never seen before! The glorious kingdom used them as a statement to indicate their pride and prestige.
It was then transferred to the supreme Pandyas and afterwards to the golden age of Krishnadevaraya, which continued till the end of the 16th century.
Back then, the exquisiteness of this jewelry lead to its use in embellishing the temple idols, and that’s precisely how it received the name “TEMPLE JEWELRY”.
Soon after, this occult jewels got associated with classical dancers, subsequently leading to the use of them by South Indian women to grace their appearances on auspicious occasions.
With time, it has evolved in designs, and most of them were massive hits among female buyers. The latest one among this category is the splendid “GANDABERUNDA” jewelry set!
Gandaberunda – The Authentic Representation Of Divinity

The ‘GANDABERUNDA’, otherwise known as ‘BERUNDA’ or ‘IRUTHALAIPAKSHI’ is a fictitious two-headed eagle.
This motif is linked with strength, valour, and royalty and is one of the most delicate designs that are available now in the heritage gold jewelry collections.
This is believed to own competent magical power capable of dealing with all the existing destructive forces.
The ornaments with blazing wings and beak of the bird portrayed in the most elegant gold and adorned with precious gemstones are available in the form of earrings, as well as pendants.
Mythologically Speaking…

As per Indian Hindu mythology, the Gandaberunda is an incarnation of Narasimha – the man-lion form of Lord Vishnu.
After Narasimha had slain the demon Hirankashyap, he clung on to the dreadful appearance. So, the Lord Shiva transformed himself into Sharabha – a part-lion and part-bird beast to destroy Narasimha.
Soon, an even more fearful form emerged out of Narasimha: the Gandaberunda – with two heads, terrible rows of teeth, and broad blazing wings.
The Gandaberunda fought with Sharabha for continuous eighteen days but was ultimately killed, driving Narasimha to peace, and Shiva attaining his normal form.
The Gandaberunda jewelry is now found to embellish Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupati – Lord Vishnu’s incarnation to emancipate humanity from the persistent difficulties of the Kali-yuga.
The History Behind…

Regarded as an honorific symbol of success, the imagery of two-headed eagles has a hoary relation with all royal things.
In India, it was used for the first time on coins, during the ruling span of the Vijayanagara Empire.
Later, it was adopted as the emblem of the former Mysore Kingdom under the Wodeyar rulers. Being in constant usage for over 500 years as a royal seal, this motif has an extraordinary place in the Carnatic history. Recently Karnataka state has deemed it as their official state emblem.
Gandaberunda In Jewelry

The Gandaberunda is a unisex motif worn by both men and women.
Royal artisans craft these pendants in unique Kundan style, by individually cutting, and polishing the deep red rubies, deep green emeralds and uncut diamonds, and embedding these precious stones at the right place on the skeletal framework termed ‘ghaat’ (on which ‘Lac’, a resin is spilled). The right amount of thrust is then applied to avoid breakage of the polished stones.
The majestic look is subsequently completed with the inclusion of south sea pearls. Now, ‘Pakai’ – the process where the gold foils are placed surrounding the stones on the Lac, is performed.
Pure gold is later placed accordingly on the edges of the stones and heated to high temperatures to strengthen the setting. Following this, engraving is done on the backside of the Pathakkam.
Wish To Own This Majestic Jewelry?

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