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– The Legacy Of Elegant Jadau Jewellery

INDIA – The land of abundance”…
Has always been known for the gorgeous jewellery, since time immemorial. There are plenty of prized possessions descended from the Mughal and Rajput legacies, which were splendid beyond doubt. With years, several amongst those royal jewellery collectionsKundan, Polki, Meenakari and Jadau – have emerged into a sort of art, both in design and craftsmanship.
And out of these stylish sets, Jadau ornaments, otherwise known as ‘carved jewellery’, are conceivably the most cherished belonging followed by the most number of women; particularly after the popular ramp walk of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty for the Jadau bridal collection of designer Tarun Tahiliani. The magic of Jadau was the one that worked wonders for the understated look of the actress on the red carpet.
Wonder why these jewels sets continue to remain as the hot favourites amongst jewellery lovers? Here, we’ve curated the details!
What Exactly Is Jadau Jewellery?

Jadau, derived from the colloquial phrase ‘Jad’, which means to embed, is precisely the method adopted by artisans to craft this jewellery.
To exaggerate, the process of manufacturing Jadau jewellery involves making the gold malleable by heating, followed by frame creation, and setting valuable gemstones or Polki in suitable spaces. The stones will fit rightly in the ornament once the gold cools down. After this, the jeweller moves to the Meenakari work, patiently working with a single colour at a time.
The traditional type of Jadau jewellery has on one side, the stones encrusted, and on the other part, colourful and intricate Meenakari work.
What Makes It Special?
There are loads of reasons for Jadau to stand out from the rest of the antique jewellery sets; the most compelling among them is the skilled craftsmanship behind its complex manufacturing.
Teamwork is much essential in the making of Jadau. Specialized craftsmen known as ‘Chiterias’ are associated with the primary designing of the jewellery, while people known as ‘Ghaarias’ make engravings and hole creation for embedding.
Taking around a long two months to create, the final piece is the outcome of consolidated efforts of many artisans. And yes, Jadau jewellery designs are unique too and are quite hard to replicate.
What’s New In Jadau?
Previously, a Jadau jewellery set only incorporated a white Polki stone and vivid Minakari work; however, as fashion has begun to take over ethnic, colours and designs of the assortment became wide. In conjunction with Polki, designers started to use other precious stones like emerald, sapphires, rubies, etc. This made the jewellery price a bit inflated, making it unaffordable for middle-class people.
But as of now, most jewellery teams have come up with Jadau ornaments that are made using partially precious gems, which is available as Kundan jewellery.
Jadau ornaments are also available today not only in sets, but also as separate pieces like earrings, pendants, bangles, and rings; with mere touches of modernism involved in them, these pieces of jewellery can be paired with both Indian and Western wears.

What To Keep In Mind While Investing In This?
Before investing in Jadau, remember to check the purity of the used gold.
Usually, 22-24k gold is used for crafting Jadau designs. Also, the casing where the stones are embedded in should never be less than 22k gold.
How To Take Care Of Jadau Ornaments?

Be informed, Jadau jewellery pieces are highly delicate, and so has to be handled with utmost care. Wrapping them in a padded cloth box or an airtight container is recommended, for reducing the chances of getting exposed to pollutants.
Also, make sure that these jewellery sets are the last thing you put on while getting ready, as perfumes and hair sprays can corrode the valuable stones on them.
Now, It’s Your Turn!
So, why not colour yourselves in the hues of Royal Jadau jewellery?
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