– The Enchanting Kundan Jewelry

With a legacy of over hundreds of years, antique jewellery is a striking expression of timeless beauty. Most of the time, the value of these pieces lies in the knowledge that our family members were wearing them from generation to generation; however, other times, it’s about the unique stories each of these pieces possess.
And when it comes to buying one, your options are boundless – Meenakari, Kundan Jewelry, Polki, Jadau…
To help you buy the jewellery that meets your requirements, we will get into the details of each of these timeless treasures through a series of blogs.
Today, let’s start with KUNDAN – a piece of jewellery that never goes out of style!

The History of Kundan

Kundan jewellery is one of the most primitive forms of Indian gold jewellery, dating back to the Mughal period. These mind-blowing art pieces are created by setting precious gems with a gold foil between them and the mount. The delicate art of Kundan, which means “highly purified gold”, is known to stem from the old Rajasthan and Gujarat kingdoms.

Always A Trend…

Owing to the popularity of mesmerizing Kundan, some reasons make it a style that never fades off:

  • Due to the classic appearance, these are the most preferred ethnic jewellery pieces.
  • Kundan is versatile enough to adorn with traditional as well as contemporary outfits.
  • The grandeur and glamour of the jewellery set makes it a favourite of Indian brides.
  • Kundan jewellery gives a perception that it is heavy; but in reality, it is super light-weighted when compared to others.
  • Authentic Kundan jewellery is known for its impeccable age-old crafting procedures, which makes them one of the best investment choices.

Explore The Golden Magic!

Several jewellery options are now open in Kundan, for all those bold women who are not hesitant to go back to their roots and add a bit of royal touch to their appearance:

1. Kundan Earrings (Jhumka)

Kundan earrings with the Minakari work are the best you can team up with sarees and salwar. And if you wish to flaunt a different bohemian look, take a leap in experimentation and pair them up with Jodhpur designs with a bright skirt. These jhumkas also go well along with traditional bridal wears.

2. Kundan Necklace

With a combination of various colours over an intricately woven gold pattern, these ornaments go well with traditional outwears like sarees, lehengas, skirts, and bridal wear. Matching up more vivid colours of jewellery with lighter clothes and vice versa can enhance your grace and poise.

You can also experiment with Chokers in a minimalist work pattern when you wear Western attire and Raani haars with sarees worn on festivals or traditional occasions.

3. Kundan Bracelets & Bangles

Kundan bangles that range from simple monotone gold bands with diamonds to thick gold kadas with beautiful coloured diamonds add a tinge of grace when worn with sarees.

At the same time, intricately detailed Kundan bracelets fuse well with Western casual outfits.

4. Kundan Rings

Don’t miss out on the fun of exploring the brilliantly embellished rings and coupling them up with different dresses in a variety of styles!

The idea of wearing a sapphire embedded Kundan ring with a black gown is equally exciting as trying a stylish Navaratna ring with a light-coloured embroidered saree.

5. Kundan Anklets

Neatly studded gems can do wonders to anklets! The royal look and the thickness of the chains of Kundan anklets make it a fabulous match for all ethnic wears.

So, that’s all about Kundan! If you wish to swerve from your norm and rock your look through these traditional gold ornaments, you don’t have to pull off jewellery right out of your great-great-great grandma’s jewellery box, but walk into ANS – the best gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery in Salem, where you can get the stunning antique jewellery treasures conceived by the most proficient artisans of bygone eras!

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