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Vintage cars, classic paintings, luxurious homes passed down through generations…
We are often fascinated by things that are related to a bygone era. As stated in our previous articles, jewellery is of no exception from this! However, apart from the remarkable charm of antique jewellery, there is something really magical that exists about this, and is a pretty sound investment for all, to boot.
One of the trendy jewellery collections in this category set is the “POLKI”.
Have any questions to ask about it? Luckily, we are gonna speak about Polki in this blog!
What is Polki Jewelry?

You might have never seen a piece of Polki jewellery in your lifetime; but trust us, if you have grown up hearing the glorious stories of the royal kingdom of India and dream of being bejewelled grandeur like the princesses of those stories, Polki is sure to capture your mind!
Brought to India by the Mughals, Polki is one of the most timeless styles of jewellery forms. But what makes it so unique and strikingly beautiful..?
It’s nothing but the fact that they are made by exquisitely blending uncut, unfinished diamonds (otherwise termed ‘Polki Stones’) that are obtained directly from mining, with breath-taking designs. Without having encountered any chemical or physical treatment, the polki stones have a raw look that makes it more valuable, and of course, a bit expensive!
The Art Behind Its Making…

As mentioned before, all Polki jewellery collections have Polki Stones as a central component, which is set on a foil of pure gold using lac. The foil retains the Polki stones together and makes them stay in the exact positions.
Seldom, these are further embellished with precious gemstones like pearls, rubies, or tourmalines that form an exciting combination with those uncut diamonds.
Polki V/s Kundan

There are a lot of people who believe that Polki and Kundan can be interchangeably used to indicate the same jewellery pieces, while the truth is that they are as different as ‘chalk and cheese’!
While Polki is made of uncut, natural diamonds, Kundan is formed of glass stones. Comparing the two necklaces – one Polki and the other Kundan- in the same design, you will notice that the Polki jewellery is the one that is finished better and sparkles brighter– it’s of no surprise why Polki is costlier than Kundan!
Wish to know more about Kundan? Read the first article of this series: The Enchanting Kundan Jewelry.
Look Great in Polki!

There are very few jewellery styles that seem as impressive as and as royal as Polki jewellery does, and it goes exceptionally well with all forms of traditional outfits.
Whenever you wear a saree or lehenga, you could go for a chunky choker, elaborate necklace, and a dainty maang-tika in Polki to jazz up your look on any special occasions. If you are someone who prefers to go light on the neck, then big studs set in Polki stones or chandelier-shaped Polki earrings would likely do the trick for you! While the incredible designs of Polki bangles and kadas could complete your traditional look, a magnificent standalone statement jewellery piece like a Polki bracelet can dignify the charm of modern attires.
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