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Picking The Perfect Earring For Your Face Shape

When choosing jewelry, most people give preferences to their personal interests. Some others pick metals and gemstones that can be paired well with their favorite outfits.

But apart from this, is there something more we need to consider while selecting ornaments?

Definitely, there is! Today, we’ll help you out with those ‘somethings’ for earring selection. Don’t think we’re going to stop with just earrings; we’ll be sharing matters to be counted on with the choice of other pieces of jewelry, too, through our upcoming articles. So, don’t forget to stay tuned with us

Coming back to the earring selection, the prime point of consideration should be to analyze if the style and shape of an earring suit your face shape. Aren’t you sure about your face shape? Here’s how you can find it out!

Know Your Face Shape

Mainly, there are six types of face shape:

1. Round
2. Oval
3. Square
4. Narrow/Rectangular
5. Diamond
6. Heart

Now, take a tracing paper and a pencil (if not available, have your phone in hand), and follow the below-mentioned procedures to identify your exact face shape:

  • Put all your hair back.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and outline your face (without ears) using a tracing paper. Or Take a photo of your face and outline face using any editing software (without ears).
  • Now analyze that geometrical shape, and you can see it resembling any from the list of six categories mentioned above.

Still, confused? Read more characteristics of face shape here.


Known to be the cutest, the face is close to the same length from the tip of the nose to all sides and most extensive at cheekbones.

Drop, and long earrings are the best for people with a round-shaped face because that makes their face appear elongated and slimmer. They can try earrings studded with small gemstones or pearls for more attractive looks .

Avoid circle, round ones as it echoes the face shape.


This is believed to be one of the most attractive face shapes. The forehead may be slightly wider than the chin with a well-rounded jawline to the bottom.

Having an oval face is lucky; such faces are adaptable for almost all types of earrings. Long, dangling, drop earrings that are thinner at the top and widen at the bottom is recommended.


The width of the forehead and jawline are noticeably similar in people with square faces. Square/flat chin with a forehead straight along the hairline is their uniqueness.

Women with square faces look excellent in rounded earrings. They can also try large oval hoops or teardrop shaped earrings, which can attract attention from the squareness of your face. However, avoid hovers and small studs.

Narrow/Rectangular Face

A rectangular face is similar to a square face, with the same width existing across the forehead, cheeks, and chin; the change comes in length – these faces are more extended than square faces (merely speaking, they are elongated square-shaped face).

Round shapes, such as pear-shaped studs, round diamond/platinum studs, wide style earrings – all fit them better. Avoid long, dangling earrings.


The cheekbone of people with the diamond-shaped face will be more extensive than both forehead and chin.

Earrings for a diamond faced girl should have a wider bottom, such as teardrops, small hoops or studs. Avoid earrings that are too long, and narrow, and heavy on the top.


People with forehead wider than the width of the jawline and more pointed chin with jawline tapering down to it is said to have a heart-shaped face.

Long earrings that feature curving shapes can accentuate these people’s prominent cheekbones. Ornate chandelier earrings, long teardrops in metal, gemstones, or diamond styles (more rounded at the bottom) will be the best, as they can soften the look of their pointier chin.

Avoid wearing slim drop earrings as this directs attention to the jaw.

If you find your face shape, type of earring that fits you, have a look at the product page of ANS, the best gold, silver, diamond, and platinum jewelry in Salem to find the perfect one, and head onto to our flagship store in Swarnapuri, Salem, to make it yours.

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