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Mother Of Pearl : Everything You Need To Know

You may be familiar with pearl ornaments. But, how about “mother of pearl”?
Are they similar? Yes, but only in the stuff with which both of them are made of. In every other way, the mother of pearl is its own ‘gemstone’, which is perfect for crafting unique jewelry pieces.
Generally known as a ‘protection stone’, it is believed to possess tremendous spiritual value, which most of us aren’t aware of. So, today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this versatile, affordable stone.
What Really Is “Mother Of Pearl”?

The mother of pearl is referred to as the iridescent nacre coating in the inner lining of shells of mollusks and oysters to protect their soft interior tissues. It is a compound of calcium carbonate, with silk proteins and other organic substances that are layered over the shells’ inner linings.
Various spiritual scholars suppose that the thickness of each layer of the mother of pearl is equivalent to the visible light’s wavelengths. They claim that the nacre layers allow the penetration and reflection of light of different wavelengths through it. This makes the piece of stone appear in different colors when tilted and viewed from diverse angles.
Mother of Pearls Vs. Pearls

In simple words, the “mother of pearl” is a layer of nacre, while multiple layers of nacre form the “pearl”. When a foreign object enters the shell, the mollusc forms nacre, and when nacres’ encases that external object, pearls are formed.

The mother of pearl takes the whole interior of the shell, giving it the shape of the shell while pearls are formed in round shapes! Pearls are thick, rounded or baroque, and grow only to a specific size. Designers can use the mother of pearls in a variety of ways because of its size, making it more versatile than pearls.

All nacre producing molluscs have a mother of pearls in it, but only a small percentage of them have pearls. It makes pearls rare and gives it more value than the mother of pearls. The abundance makes the mother of pearl jewelry available at a low budget, affordable price.
The Spiritual & Healing Properties

It is believed that the natural mother of pearl ornaments have tremendous spiritual values capable of bringing good luck and prosperity to the wearer. Apart from this, the mother of pearl is a potent and emblematic stone that is assumed to bring the following astounding benefits:

  • It tends to activate your solar plexus, which plays a significant role in preparing the body for stress response.
  • Folklore says that this stone stimulates your throat chakra, which helps in effectively communicating thoughts, desires, and feelings.
  • This stone is supposed to let you become stress-free and have positive thoughts.
  • Several ancient records state that this is good at boosting immunity power of the body by ridding off toxins.
  • Mythological beliefs also state that this allows for better memory recall and dream recollection
  • When combined with Rubellite, it might bring you a calming effect.
  • It is believed to allow a smooth flow of energy in your body and spirit.
  • Scholars claim that this stone helps treat dizziness and improve vision.

Jewelry Applications

-> Pendant locket strung
-> Linings in gold rings
-> Neck pieces in various patterns like beaded, collar, flowery, leaf design, etc.
-> Earrings that are hoops, studs, danglings, slings, angel wing styled, and many more.
-> Bracelets in beaded, cuff, and funky styles.
-> And Watches Dials

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