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Latest Diwali Jewelry Trends To Keep In Mind

That time of the year is near when each nook and corner is lit up with diyas and lanterns, and the markets are bustling with people.

Yes, it’s DIWALI – the time to charm your way to sparkling days with chunky bangles, ethnic jhumkas, pretty chokers, and cocktail rings…!

For those who still wonder if they should go traditional with mother’s jhumkha pair, or go chic with modern diamond ear studs, here are the best jewellery trends to follow!


  • Traditional Jewelry Sets

Diwali is a day for customs and traditions to shine through. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear on this beautiful occasion – tradition flashes in everything!

Jewellery is nothing different from this! The latest trend comes in the form of Kundan, Meenakari, and Polki sets. 

While being fashionable, these legendary pieces are etched deep in our history and culture.


  • Matte Gold Jewelry

Nail polishes, lipsticks… #MatteLove is trending!

With a non-reflective finish, Matte gold ornaments can be worn by ladies who wish to go for a trendy, at the same time, a lighter and unique look.


  • Long, Slender Tassels!

Tassels have been prominent in the 2019 fashion trends. 

You can wear long, shoulder-touching tassel earrings to rock your look on Diwali! It would be even cooler if you go for tassel sets that have matching tassel pendants and earrings!


  • Gemstones

Rubies, emeralds, sapphires…Go the bold route with gleaming gemstones!

If you prefer to add a more subtle hint of colour to the colourful festive, get a jewellery piece in rose-gold or white gold.


  • Contemporary Shaped Jewelry

Another trend you can try out for this Diwali is jewellery sets in contemporary shapes and silhouettes. 

Your options are endless with animal-inspired patterns and eye-catching geometric shapes.


  • Templedom Returns!

Get a complete royal look with hair accessories in which semi-precious stones are embedded, long chains or harams with strings of rudraksha stones, gold coins, and deity figurines, necklaces and chokers that symbolize Goddess Lakshmi, waist belts and hip chains studded with gemstones and decorated with trinkets, and dazzling toe-rings.


That’s all about the top Diwali jewellery trends. So what more are you waiting for? Head over to ANS – the best gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery in Salem!

Hearty Diwali! Happy shopping!


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