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Keep Your Ornaments Shining New And Bright With These Simple Hacks

With the many event and occasions around, we understand that you would want to keep all your ornaments perfectly new and sparkling everytime.
Everyday pollution, smoke or even bathing soaps are just a few things that can clog prongs on your jewelry and make your ornament appear rather dull or lifeless. Here are a few hacks to make your precious collection sparkle even more than ever without any professional assistance.

Mild Soap Bath

Give your ornaments and jewelry a bubble bath by pouring a few drops of mild soap into a bowl. Never use strong detergent or soap and always go for mild ones, swish your ornaments in the diluted water, rinse and then dry them off.

Never Use Chlorine and Strong Soap

Always remember to remove your gold and ornaments before stepping into the shower. Each soaps or shampoos can have an entirely different reaction to the gold. So keep them of and never even think about cleaning them with chlorine or other substances. Even chlorine in bathing water can make your ornaments go dull.

Avoid touching Diamond ornaments much often

Touch the diamond ornaments or ring as minimal as possible. The dirt in our hands are something diamonds are attracted to, hence when you remove a ring always be gentle and never hold the diamond. When you touch the ring often it will leave a build up on the surface.

Try these trusted everyday items, most of which you probably already have in the house.

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Keep Your Ornaments Shining New And Bright With These Simple Hacks
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