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Interesting Jewellery Facts You Must Know

Jewellery has always been a necessity to humankind and has been used for various purposes. But the question is, how well do we know the mysterious facts behind the jewellery we have remained so obsessed with. From past to present every jewellery a man wears is tied to numerous facts that we probably didn’t get to know.

Here are ten astonishing jewellery facts that you must know, so that next time when you wear a piece of jewellery, you would definitely realise why it is crafted the way it is!

#1. The Oldest Jewellery

The oldest form of jewellery that dates back to 100,000 years was just a couple of beads made out of ‘Nassarius‘ shells used for decorative and symbolic purposes. These were not artificially made, but were organic in nature.

#2. The First Diamond

The first diamond was found in India in the 4th century. It afterwards became one of the most durable precious stones that were considered as a highly valued item for crafting jewellery.

#3. Opals And Literature

Until the 18th century, opals were one of the highly valued gemstones in Europe, but then, Sir Walter Scott’s novel “Anne of Geierstein” took popularity wherein the fire of an opal was quenched by the holy water after which a protagonist died. This led to a misconception of opals being associated with bad luck and misfortune.

#4. The First Engagement Ring

The concept of the engagement ring was initiated when romantic Maximilian of Austria gave his beloved Mary of Burgundy a ring as a promise of marriage back in 1477. Today, engagement rings are a multi-billion dollar industry.

#5. The Most Popular Engagement Ring Gemstones

Compared to earlier times, diamonds have become the most popular engagement ring gemstones due to their durability and lustre. Other equally precious gems used for engagement rings are ruby, and emerald.

#6. Nature’s Gemstone

Amber is considered as nature’s gemstone because it is created when the tree produces resin to seal its wounds. After millions of years, this resin matures into what we call as the amber gemstone. This process is also known as ‘Amberization‘.

#7. The Ruby and Sapphire Game

Sapphire can reflect every colour in the Sun except red. The red Sapphire is what we call as Ruby, and both look identical apart from the colour.

#8. Platinum Is Rare

Platinum is a rare metal even more than the gold and silver. It’s so rare that all the platinum metal ever mined can fit into a single large room. Platinum is also the least reactive metal known to humans and is popularly referred as ‘Noble Metal‘.

#9. The Largest Diamond

The largest diamond is popular by the name ‘Star of David‘ or ‘Cullinan I‘. The colourless cut diamond weighed 530 carats and was presented to King Edward VII. It is now a part of the crown jewels of the UK.

#10. The Most Recognisable Piece Of Jewellery

Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was noted as the most recognisable piece of jewellery in the 20th century. The ring consisted of 14 diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in white gold. The ring inspired from the design of Queen Victoria’s sapphire-and-diamond cluster brooch is now worn by Kate Middleton.

Interesting Mini Facts!

  • Finding a flawless ruby gemstone is considered exceptionally rare.
  • The necklace worn by the actor Nicole Kidman in the movie Moulin Rogue is the most expensive jewellery ever used in a film.
  • Pyrite is popularly known as ‘Fool’s Gold‘ because it resembles gold to an untrained eye and is used in artificial jewellery.
  • The first diamond was found near Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh in the 4th century.

Every Jewellery Narrates A Story!

Although we admire jewellery, we usually never care about what circumstances have led to its making. It’s these golden facts and stories that make jewellery unique and worth-having. The facts mentioned above are just some of the revealed stories about your precious jewellery; there are even more such facts that are mysterious to the whole world. For buying such interesting jewellery with all its purity, visit ANS Jewellery, the best gold, silver, and diamond jewelry in Salem.

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