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Indian Bridal Jewelry Trends For 2020

While ‘wedding’ being a special occasion for the couple and their families, there is one person whose life will be wholly transformed with that…and that is the bride!
When she stands in front of the invited crowd, with all the excitement coupled with a stream of emotions in mind, she aspires to be in her best version. And for this, it takes months of hard work to pick a perfect attire and the right accessories and makeup pattern that goes well with it.
Amongst the accessories, the jewellery is perhaps the most talked-about part of the bride; however, with an enormous assortment of designs available in the bridal jewellery, it is highly confusing to choose the most suitable one among them.
To help out the future brides in the process, we have made a comprehensive collection of the trending bridal jewellery designs in 2020.
Traditional Jewelry

Traditional pieces of jewellery always accentuate the bride’s beauty. Mostly made out of gold, these jewellery pieces sometimes come with gorgeous gemstones.
Among various types of them, Polki and Kundan are the most trending ones today
Oversized Nose Ring

Nose rings are one of the oldest jewellery trends in India. When time passed, the fashion of nose rings started diminishing slowly among brides; however, the oversized rings worn by the Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma on their wedding days brought this trend back.

Even though there is a variety of nose rings available in the market, bigger ones made with gold and Kundan are now the most favourites among bridal jewellery. These not only enhance the overall bridal look but also add a glow to the brides’ face.
The Evergreen Diamonds

Diamonds – these are for life! Investing in diamond bridal jewellery is definitely a smarter option. Not only does it make you look gorgeous, but also it compliments every sort of your look.
Be it a lehenga or a Kanjeevaram saree – diamond jewellery will suit your style!
Bridal Choker

Sabyasachi inspired bridal chokers can add a royal touch to the overall look of the bride.
Such chokers have already gained so much attention through celebrity marriages, and they possess the charm to go well with western attires, traditional Indian wear, and even off-shoulder fusion wear.
Antique Temple Jewellery

Without any doubts, we could say that South Indian brides are die-hard fans of temple jewellery pieces with antique finishes! This is mainly due to their eye-catching designs. Most of them feature large motifs of God/Goddesses, and this makes people opt these intricate pieces as perfect gifts for auspicious occasions.
The Goddess (mainly Lakshmi Devi) pendants studded with precious gemstones, sea pearls, uncut diamonds, polkis along with a Nakshi waist belt (vaddanams) looks heavy and flaunts the overall bridal appearance.
Layering adorned gold pieces in 22 karats yellow gold, with gold bead chains, meenakari work, Kundan haars, etc. also remains popular among Indian brides.
Multi-Layered Necklace

Multi-layered necklaces usually have more than four layers, making it enough, alone, for the whole function.
It’s been a celebrity choice and a perfect match for bridal sarees and lehengas.
Multi-layered necklaces crafted with Kundan, stone, paachi, pearl, and mirror work are the favourite choices of most brides.
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