How Traditional Jewellery Has Become The Modern Trend For Indians in 2019

Gold jewelry has never gone out of style and has always been the pinnacle in luxury. Since the early ages until now gold has never lost its mark. Therefore the significance of gold jewelry in any Indian woman’s life have always increased over the years, and we settle for nothing but the best. Adorning these elegant and traditional jewellery accessories is not a compulsory need or custom for Indian women but holds a lot of values to them. Gold ornaments are given as gifts and also worn on special occasions; which shows how important these pieces of jewellery have become at the in the current era. Many Indian celebrities simply love to adorn traditional jewellery that has a modern touch to it. So what makes these designs a huge trend in the upcoming years?

Traditional Jewelry gives a Royal appeal


Indian culture and traditions always interest women in different factors. Women have always looked in awe at the artistic design and excellent craftsmanship of traditional Indian jewellery. When you see the range of traditional jewellery, you’ll immediately say ‘My Mum wore this kind of Gold Jewellery on her wedding day!’

These vintage ornaments look like something worn by a princess, because of their intricate designs and precious stones used. The vintage designs are all back in fashion and have become the latest trend out there. But no matter what happens in the world of jewellery and ornaments, traditionally inspired designs still have the charm and allure of conventional values and classic ethnicity which will always remain constant.

Unique and elegant Designs


What attracts the most about Indian traditional jewellery is the uniqueness of design and the efforts of the workmanship involved in creating the intricate and exquisite designs, which are been missing in modern jewellery. Indian artisans have mastered the art of creating intricate ornaments, with subtle finishes and patience, this has always induced into modern jewellery.

The unique features are also the precious and beautiful stones that have been used in these type of jewellery. These precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, pearls, sapphires and rubies have been used since ages in order to make intricate Indian ornaments.

It Gives A Vintage Effect


Even though it’s the modern era, people have always stood in awe of the vintage designs and uniqueness of Indian jewellery. The novel opulence of ornaments and other exquisite jewellery never failed to amuse women all around the globe.

These elaborate Indian jewellery accessories are usually crafted with precious gems and stones and therefore give a heritage look which is worth having even once in a lifetime. These traditional vintage jewellery are the crown jewel of Indian custom, the royal princesses and queens are responsible for the emergence of this antique jewellery pieces.


Wedding or no wedding, the gold is here to stay, and it’s no surprise that not only Indians but women all around the globe love the traditional Indian jewellery. They not only provide a vintage classy look but also remind us of the rich heritage of Indian culture. If you’re slated to be a bride in 2019, shop the most precious jewellery from ANS and go all out with the bridal trends! It’s your special day and let the gold you adorn make it even more so.

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