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How To Choose The Perfect Jewellery For Your Attire

We have created a beautiful jewellery collection that ranges from intricately designed gold ornaments to precious jewellery studded with semi-precious stones! ANS is an Indian jewellery brand known for its simple, yet inventive collection of jewellery with an appealing and fresh look. The collection contains the finest gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and we’re 100% convinced you will find that one perfect piece of jewellery that goes very well with the attire you choose. Here are some interesting tips & tricks about how to pick your jewellery that will match the style of your dress perfectly.

Jewellery That Goes Well With High Neckline Dresses

Does your favorite dress have a high neckline? Well, they are mostly trendy these days so we’re sure you might have. If so, the best jewellery to go with high neckline dresses is earrings! You may not want your jewellery to take away the attention from the dress, so that’s why it is best to go with an earring and avoid necklaces. The right earrings will bring out the beauty of the dress and present you an appearance more attractive. If you want earrings that are a bit more subtle, we have a collection of earrings studded with precious semi stones. If you want your earrings to make a statement, go for the much larger gold earring that make you look bolder and brighter.

Jewellery That Goes Well With Sleeveless Dresses

If you are looking for the perfect jewellery that goes well with a sleeveless dress or a gown. There is nothing better than a beautiful necklace for you to adorn with that pretty sleeveless dress of yours. A subtle necklace with the most intricate design and gorgeous gems studded to it will make you look beautiful with a strapless dress. Of course, you can add earrings or a small bracelet as well, but don’t overdo it. Your jewellery should enhance your look, it should not be the center of your attention.

Jewellery That Goes Well With Half Sleeve Dresses

If you’re rather a fan of bracelets and love to wear them, try wearing them with a half sleeve dress. Bracelets will be rarely visible with long sleeves, thus it is better to avoid them while you wear long sleeves. At ANS, we have a collection of bracelets that goes very well with any skin tones and dresses (especially half sleeve ones). Make a statement with our collection of bracelets. that will combine perfectly with a lot of dresses, except dresses with long sleeves.

If you’re looking for something truly special to flaunt with your favourite dresses, visit our website for some unique collection of elegant jewellery that will put a smile on your face and a perfect pair to your dresses.

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