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Guide to Buying Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is a kind of jewellery which is a must-have in every jewellery box. Unlike other metals, Platinum is known to last forever, giving it a symbolic meaning of everlasting love and thereby making it a perfect and popular choice for engagement rings. When the platinum’s lustre is complemented with the shine and sparkle of the diamonds and rubies, it becomes unavoidable to embrace its beauty. There was a time when only platinum rings were the most demanded, but now platinum necklaces, nose pins, earrings etc. have made their way to people’s hearts.
Quick Facts About Platinum

  • Platinum is called as the Metal of Kings.
  • One of the first recorded evidence of platinum jewellery use was in the French King Louis XVI’s court. It soon began to be associated with Kings and royalty. King Louis even declared that this metal is fit only for Kings.
  • The term platinum is derived from the Spanish term platino, meaning “little silver“.
  • Platinum is an extremely rare and non-toxic metal.

Qualities Of Platinum

  • Platinum is dense and durable: These are pure metals and more durable than Gold. Because of its rich purity, it doesn’t leave colour marks on your skin, nor does it react with the skin to cause skin irritation making it ideal for people with skin allergies. Also, it is the most secure setting for your precious gemstones.
  • Platinum does not fade: Fading is not in its dictionary! Platinum will always remain and appear the same for ages, and its shine never wears down.
  • Platinum is strong: Gold jewellery has to be mixed with other metals to make it strong, but platinum, on the other hand, is a pure metal that doesn’t need any other metal to take the form of jewellery.
  • The metal has excellent resistance to corrosion: Platinum is a highly unreactive metal even at elevated temperatures, thus making it suitable for every type of environment.

Care For Platinum

Platinum doesn’t fade but overtime its patina could be affected a bit. Extra care for your platinum jewellery will make sure it lasts for a greater time than is expected. Some of the simple, caring tips are given below:

  • Store each of your platinum jewellery separately in a fabric bag or fabric-lined box so that it doesn’t rub against each other.
  • Don’t wear your platinum jewellery while handling abrasive chemicals as the platinum couldn’t possibly be affected, but it can damage the stone studding.
  • You can maintain platinum’s lustre by regularly soaking platinum in a mild solution of warm soapy water, and then gently scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush but don’t overdo it.

Tips and Tricks to Identify Platinum

Because this metal has many cousins like silver and white Gold, it’s essential to know how to recognise the real platinum. Here are some quick tips:

  • The Platinum Hallmark – Hallmarks lets you know the level of purity of your platinum. It is written as Pt or PLAT followed by a number such as 900, 950, 999, etc. This number indicates the quality of the platinum. Pt950 is the popular quality for jewellery use in India.
  • The Scratch Test – When you buy platinum jewellery, run your nail along the surface to identify whether it’s a platinum alloy or silver because platinum is not prone to scratches.
  • The Magnet Test – Most of the metals may be magnetic, but precious metals like platinum are often non-magnetic in nature. You can bring a magnet in contact with platinum, and if it reacts then probably, it’s a platinum alloy.

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