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Facts You Should Know About BIS Hallmark In Gold Jewellery

India, being the top consumer of gold, was always in a quest to find the best gold in the world, and on the way, we have ourselves discovered numerous ways to identify the purest form of gold. One such way is the ‘Hallmarking scheme’ which is the official recording of the content of precious metal in precious metal articles. Different countries have different approaches to hallmarking. In India, the BIS hallmark scheme is used to identify pure gold and is aligned with international criteria on hallmarking.

In this article, we will tell you all about this system in gold jewellery and how to identify if a piece of jewellery is BIS hallmarked.

  • What is BIS Hallmark?

BIS refers to the Bureau of Indian Standards and is a government body that certifies the purity of the gold. It protects people from adulteration and enforces the manufacturers to maintain the standard of the gold used.

  • How to identify BIS Hallmark?

BIS Hallmark is displayed as a logo which has four components. The components consist of the BIS mark, karat, hallmarking centre’s identification mark and the jeweller’s logo. All this information included in your jewellery can be read clearly by a jeweller’s loupe. However, you can still ensure its purity by examining the triangular logo of hallmark.

  • Does Indian gold have a hallmark?

India earlier didn’t have any regulation on selling gold. But recently, the Ministry Of Consumer Affairs issued a notification making it mandatory for gold jewellery and artefacts to be hallmarked before selling.

  • Can I get my gold jewellery hallmarked?

This is not a difficult thing to achieve. If you have old jewellery that is not hallmarked, then you can do it without any hassles. You can find numerous stores run by goldsmiths and certified agencies that can help you in getting this done. There are some nominal charges that you have to incur but getting your precious jewellery hallmarked is worth your time and effort.

Please Note: ANS Jewelry, Swarnapuri, is the first store in Tamil Nadu and one of the first few stores in the entire country to implement hallmarking.

  • What is the difference between Hallmark Gold and KDM?

KDM stands for cadmium soldered jewellery where 92% of gold is mixed with 8% of cadmium mostly to craft perfect intricate designs. Jewellers use cadmium because to solder complex and detailed designs, a material with a lower melting point has to be used. Earlier copper was used, but since it brought high impurity levels in gold, the resale value got affected. So, copper was replaced with cadmium now to improve the quality of gold after processing.

Get Hallmarked!

Precious metal becomes even more precious when you buy its purest form. Buying hallmarked gold jewellery is like making an informed decision. So always invest in standard and pure jewellery to maintain its value. Also buying standard gold jewellery assures you quality jewellery worth your money spent. So, if you love quality jewellery then we at ANS Jewellery, the best gold, silver, and diamond jewelry in Salem welcomes you to shop with us.

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