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Creative Ways To Style Light Weight Jewellery This Festive Season

With countless contemporary designs available out there, it’s time to embrace the lightweight jewellery trend this festive season. The lightweight jewellery is youthful and elegant pieces that can be adorned on any occasion, mostly if you are focussed on achieving a minimalistic and simple look. These are also pocket friendly allowing you to have more varieties of your favourite style.

If you are someone who doesn’t love going traditional and heavy, then make these types of sleek jewellery, your best friends. For all such people, here we’re presenting seven creative ways to style lightweight jewellery.

  • Simplicity Is The Key

Simplicity is best adorned through lightweight jewellery.

You can stack up jewellery items such as neck chains, rings, etc. to incorporate a fun element to your outfit or wear one statement piece such as this antique emerald ring to go for a simple yet bold look.

  • Shine In Gold

There is a perception of associating lightweight ornaments with only casual outfits. However, this festive season, let’s break all the norms and embrace the lightweight gold jewellery with your traditional dress and shine like the gold.

For example, you can try to match a beautiful purple saree with our minimalistic gold temple necklace, to achieve a gorgeous and clean contrasting look.

  • The Forever Diamonds

Celebrate your love for diamonds by adding it to your office look! The subtle beauty of diamonds with simple, lightweight jewellery items makes it a perfect choice for all formal styles.

Pick out your favourite minimalistic diamond jewellery such as a gold chain with a diamond pendant or a diamond ring and flaunt it without going overboard.

  • The Contemporary Earrings

It is with this ornament, the real magic happens!

Earrings can quickly change your look without much effort. Large earrings are of course a thing of magnificence; however, for a minimalist look, you can try a sleek earring like our diamond heart cut earrings, or colourful gemstone embellished gold studs or more contemporary styled silver studs.

  • Mix And Match

This is a serious game to be played well!

Mixing and matching different lightweight jewellery options is the best way to explore and create a fresh new look every single time. To start, try matching a western attire with traditional lightweight jewellery items and vice versa (just like a pair of jeans and our striking magenta flexure bangle).

  • Chain It Up

Try simple string chains when you wish to incorporate two different styles like an office look and occasional with just one piece. These clean, elegant pieces will help you to achieve a delicate fashion that is ideal for a tidy look.

For a more festive style, wear a traditional lehenga paired with a gemstone embellished gold chain.

  • Incorporate Pearls

The white pearls are perhaps the most sought-after among the lightweight jewellery.

TIf you are a person with no love for gemstone embellished jewellery, then you can go for this bead jewellery. Pearl bangles and earrings are a great way to achieve an offbeat look than the usual.

Get Contemporary!

The trendy and sleek lightweight jewellery is something you can always pair up with any type of attire – be it western or traditional. So exploit this benefit and curate your own collection of contemporary jewellery and get ready for this festive season with a modern approach.

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