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Colours Of Celebration: The Festive Season Of Navaratri

NAVARATRI is a Hindu festival celebrated widely in India during the autumn season that spans over NINE days celebrating the NINE avatars of Goddess Durga. It symbolises the victory of good over evil. The nine days associate itself with nine different colours, with Goddess idol draped and adorned with specific colours on each day to symbolise a particular avatar.

In this article, we will talk about different coloured gemstones that you can incorporate in your jewellery to exemplify the colours of Navaratri. To pick out your favourite ones and be a part of this colourful celebration, do visit ANS Jewellery, the best gold, silver, and diamond jewellery in Salem during this Navaratri season.

1. Orange: Coral

The first day of this grand festival is celebrated by wearing an orange colour. It represents joy, sunshine and happiness.

Coral is an orange coloured organic gemstone formed by living organisms in the tropical and subtropical ocean. One of the most widely used forms of the coral gemstone is the red coral.

2. White: Moonstone

The second day is celebrated using white, which represents purity and innocence.

The moonstone is a white colored glowing gemstone which is a natural crystal mineral and is believed to embody the energy of the moon. Fine moonstone is mostly transparent or semi-transparent. The beauty of this gemstone is best enjoyed during adularescence, a property of scattering light.

3. Red: Ruby

The third day of this festival is celebrated by wearing red, the colour of love.

What’s a more beautiful gemstone to represent the royal red than the ruby? It is perhaps one of the gemstones most known for its hardness, durability, lustre, rarity and lucent rich look.

4. Royal Blue: Sapphire

On day four, you need to wear royal blue, which symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, sincerity, confidence and stability.

So, why not go for sapphire, one of the most precious and valuable blue gemstones available. It is best known for its hardness and durability. The deep and dreamy blue colour of this stone is something you will definitely adore for life.

5. Yellow: Citrine

On the fifth day, you need to adorn yourself with the brightest yellow colour. This signifies freshness, happiness, energy, optimism and clarity.

The best way to incorporate this colour in your jewellery is through the citrine gemstone. It is a yellowish or amber coloured gemstone which resembles the beauty of the sun. It is believed to promote motivation, activate creativity and encourage self-expression. You may consider this as a warm addition to your trousseau.

6. Green: Emerald

Green is the colour that symbolizes the sixth day of this festival. It denotes growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and nature.

The green emerald gemstone is a great choice to showcase the green colour. It’s a gemstone that exhibits double refraction and is believed to encourage growth and peace to the wearer.

7. Grey: Hematite

Day seven of this festival is celebrated with the colour of grey that signifies balance and amalgamation of the two worlds that reside within us.

This brings us to the hematite gemstone, which is a greyish metallic coloured stone that has high iron content. It is believed to relieve leg cramps, and blood disorders. It is also used in Feng Shui due to its calming and protective properties.

8. Purple: Amethyst

Day eight is about celebrating the royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition through the colour purple, which is the colour of the amethyst gemstone.

This gem is said to be a natural tranquilizer which relieves stress and strain. The beautiful purple coloured amethyst known vastly for its colour and clarity is adorned mostly in the form of rings and pendants.

9. Sky Blue: Aquamarine

Day Nine, also known as ‘Navami’ is the last day of this grand festival, which is celebrated for the victory of good over evil. This day is represented by sky blue, the colour of the eternal ocean. The colour is associated with serenity, wisdom, hope and positivity.

The light blue coloured gemstone known as aquamarine is a highly transparent and semi-precious gemstone that is believed to calm and clear the mind. This is strongly connected to the sea as mythology says sailors used it to calm the waves.

Let’s Celebrate The Magic Of Colours!

Navaratri is a festival that celebrates the victory of goodness through the magic of nine colours. To help you celebrate this colourful festival by rejoicing in the beautiful, victorious moments of your life, we at ANS Jewellery have made a specially curated collection of gold and gemstone jewellery here. You can head straight to our showroom at Swarnapuri for more collections.

So, that’s it! We wish you all a pleased and prosperous Navaratri! 🙏

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