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Bridal Earring Trends For The Year 2020

Jewellery is an essential part of wedding ensembles. Choosing a style and finding the right jewellery to express the whole outlook magnificently is what half your task as a bride. Earrings are one such jewellery that can change your entire look instantly. Therefore, incorporating the best earring style that suits you perfectly will help you achieve your dream look.

If you are a bride-to-be, then this article can help you in choosing the bridal earring that suits you best.

  • Studs

Studs are earrings with no danglers that remain fixed in the earlobe. They are mainly designed for comfort with style.

Gold studs with embedded diamonds or colourful gemstones are the best option for achieving a modern bridal look. There are also studs available with detachable danglers, so it’s a win-win situation. However, if you wish to accomplish a regal look, you may try out huge statement studs.

  • Multi-Layer Jhumkas

Go for the massive and royal multi-layer jhumkas for a grand bridal style. These types of earrings have two or more layers of the classic jhumka danglers giving it an extra elongated appearance.

  • Classic Kundan Chandbali

The ancient chandbali earrings trace its roots to Mughal and Rajput royalty and feature the crescent shape of the moon. The well-crafted Kundan-Jadau and Meenakari variation of chandbali earrings is one thing that can make you look royal. These traditional earrings are one of the most recognised designs in the Indian jewellery collection.

  • Minimal Earrings

Not everyone loves to have a rich look. Some just enjoy the subtle beauty that traditional jewellery can offer. This is for them. A simple gold or colourful gemstone earrings is all you need to embrace the minimalism.

  • South Indian Jhimki earrings

Going for a south Indian look? Then the traditional Jhimki earrings are a must-have. These are the South Indian version of the classic North Indian Jhumkas. Studded mostly with red and green gemstones against the antique gold metal, Jhimki earrings will bring out the real South Indian in you.

  • Jhumka Style Earrings

The classic jhumka earrings are all-time favourites of the North Indian culture. The jhumka consists of a large stud with a dangler taking the shape of a bell. Various styles of jhumkas are now available such as oversized jhumka, gemstone embedded jhumka, etc. giving you the opportunity to flaunt different styles. It’s also a piece of great jewellery that harmonises with every occasion.

  • Ear Cuffs

These are trendy yet traditional ear ornaments that you can incorporate along with your earrings. It hugs the outside edge of your ears and doesn’t usually require piercings. Ear cuffs are not a common thing in bridal jewellery but is an eye-catching ornament that can help you in adding details to your bridal look.

The Quintessential!

No matter what outfit you wear on your wedding day, a gorgeous earring is a quintessential thing to achieve your dream look. A matching earring can transform your look entirely. So, never compromise on this beauty jewel and find the one that most suits your face and style with specially crafted bridal earrings of ANS – the best gold, silver, and diamond jewelry in Salem. In the meantime, you may check out our full gold bridal jewelry collection here.

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