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About Us

Purity, Quality, Design, and Tradition, for the past decades ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri Salem has reinvented an entirely modern approach to fashion along with a traditional touch.

Experience of Quality

Since 1928 , ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri Salem has brought about unparalleled innovations in the market with trendsetting and versatile jewelry. Our ability to discover the beauty of artistic ideas, respect for the stones, and excellent craftsmanship – all are brought together to form amazing masterpieces.

Under the vision of our founder Sri. AR Balasubramania Chettiar , the jewelry has redefined itself from the humble beginnings of a 500 sq. ft jewelry shop in the old bazaar street to a world-renowned fashion destination in Swarnapuri. ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri Salem, started with two floors, expanded with a third floor exclusively for diamond jewelry satisfying all ages. We are also one of the first brands to start 916 Hallmarked jewelry in the state of Tamil Nadu.

By setting new limits, ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri Salem was the first in Salem to move out of the old bazaar street and begin its operations with a next-generation styled showroom in Swarnapuri in the year 2000 and also one amongst the first few jewelry brands to start certification for diamond-studded jewelry in the state.

Today, under the guidance of our dedicated management team consisting of; A.S Rajendran , A.S Sriram , A.R Sanath Kumar , A.S Srinath , A.S Sri Bashyam and A.S Amruth Kumar , ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri Salem Jewelry represents the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship and are unprecedented for their excellence and attention to detail.

ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri Salem is also a founder member of Gold Jewellers Federation, one of the key associations in the Jewellery industry. In terms of our expertise of crafting tomorrow's jewellery in a sustainable and responsible way for over 90 years, we've placed creativity at the heart of our strategy. We capture these beliefs in our signature: “Part of your celebrations since 1928” with a strong determination to keep it that way.


ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri salem is one known for its exclusivity in quality as well as the collection we showcase to the people.

Our store also designed, manufactured and exhibited Multi cultural Jewelry collections, Jewelry based on different cultural backgrounds

Our other renowned exhibitions with special collections are:

We are equipped with desingers who are influenced by various design themes from different parts of the word.