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8 Must-Have Jewellery for A South Indian Bride

South India differs from North India in many ways, so is the bridal jewellery. A South Indian bride wears all the traditional pieces that hold great importance in the Dravidian culture. The key to her beauty is mostly enhanced by jewellery that is intricate and bold in design without going overboard. Keeping this in mind, ANS Jewellery has curated an impressive collection of the best and most unique ethnic, bridal jewellery collection.

Before you browse through them, go through this list of EIGHT essential jewellery pieces needed for a south Indian bride.

  • Netti Chutti

It sits on the forehead, at a place known as ‘Agya chakra’ or the third eye according to Hindu tradition. This ornament is also known as maang tikka in Northern India and renders a royal look to the bride. Embellished heavily with stones, Netti chutti increases the beauty of the bride’s hairline and the forehead.

  • Earrings

Jhumkas are the most preferred earring for a south Indian bride. Large earrings with temple design, intricate patterns, gemstone embellishments are also some of their favourites. The carousel Jhumkas are yet another popular regal style earring for the bride.

Check the latest bridal earring designs from ANS here!

  • Necklace

There has never been a wedding without a necklace; after all, it’s the centrepiece of the entire bridal look. This is true for a south Indian bride as well. A statement necklace is a must-have to achieve a put-together look. Necklaces with temple design are often seen in a south Indian bride’s trousseau and act as one of the attention-grabbing pieces of all the bridal jewellery she wears.

Here’s a collection of gold necklaces that you will adorn.

  • Gold Chain

A gold chain can be a simple mangal sutra or a piece of adornment worn to contrast the heavy necklace. It’s a jewellery piece to show off the minimal side of the bridal jewellery. The length and style of the chain can be bride specific.

Check out our Mugappu gold chain for a shimmering authentic piece!

  • Vanki

These are V-shaped armlets or hand ornaments resembling a cobra head. Its origin is traced to the snake worship. According to Tamil culture, it is said to spark romantic feelings as she ties the knot. Vanki holds the upper arm firmly and is also said to improve blood circulation. Vankis are of different types such as in-band form, inverted V-shaped, chain style, etc.

Our diamond studded Lakshmi Naga Vanki is a different approach to the traditional plain gold ones.

  • Bangles

These round accessories are layered and piled on each hand to increase the beauty and charm of the traditional attire. A combination of bold and slim gold bangles with intricate jewellery works and gemstones are common to have for a south Indian bride.

  • Rings

Everything is gold, so is the ring. A wedding ring with studded gemstones or a plain gold ring with intricate design is a go-to one for a South Indian bride. You can either have one bold statement ring for a regal look or pair two or three minimal ones for a more feminine look.

  • Oddiyanam

It is also popular by the name ‘haram’ or ‘vaddanam’ and is a waist ornament that accentuates a bride’s grace and poise. It also helps in keeping the saree sturdy and in place.

This gold oddiyanam is a classic piece from ANS, but also check out our diamond odiyanam with peacock design for a more glimmering traditional one that can take your look to the next level.

Why Choose ANS?

South India and its bridal jewellery are unique in many ways, and so is its customs and traditions. It even reflects in the jewellery people use, and that is why ANS Jewellery, the best gold, silver, and diamond jewellery in Salem crafts every single piece of jewellery with utmost care. You can check out our special collection of South Indian traditional jewellery pieces here!

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