6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Picking Your Wedding Jewelry

Accessories are always the cherry on the top of outfits!

So, when it comes to a wedding, the right jewelry is almost as important as picking your wedding attire. Even your most breathtakingly grand lehenga can seem bizarre if not paired with the appropriate set of accessories.

This means that you shouldn’t go for the bridal jewelry shopping just like those whim-driven weekend sprees. Instead, plan everything beforehand and pick each piece of wedding jewelry carefully.

To help you out on that, we have got six most essential things every bride should know when choosing the wedding jewelry set for her most stunning look on the big day!

Decide On Your Comfort Level


Indian brides used to be embellished with jewelry from head to toe. However, the preferences of recent brides have come a long way when compared to her predecessors.


‘MORE IS MORE’ is no longer the accepted norm!

The millennial brides stick on to a more sophisticated approach that values quality and versatility to an equal degree. At the same time, in India, the wedding set is like the crowning glory.

So, the most excellent way to walk this thin line is to carefully decide the amount of jewelry you will wear for your wedding, according to your comfort of mind and budget.

Also, make sure that you are not going to be one among those thousands of brides who buy large bridal sets for their wedding day, and keep them in the bank locker for years and never wear again! It is advisable to choose the jewelry you can reuse with ease, even after the celebrations have drawn to a close.

Make Sure It Matches To Your Dress

Can’t pick between gold and platinum jewelry?

Let the color of your wedding apparel guide your choice!

If your dress is:

  • Brighter white: You look gorgeous with platinum pieces.
  • Ivory: Then, wear gold jewelry to enhance the creamy shade.
  • Soft Pink: Try rose gold
  • Champagne: Gold ornaments will complement the warm tones in this color.

If you are craving for an antique-inspired look, burnished gold with rhinestones would be a perfect combo!

How Does Your Neckline Look Like?

Now, the next thing is to match the style of the neckline of your wedding dress to the type of jewelry.

  • If you are wearing a V-necked dress, a standard choker necklace looks lovely.
  • If you are wearing a high-necked dress, it’s better to skip the necklace and go for some dangling earrings.

Don’t Choose Too Many Metals or Colors Together

Thinking of wearing too many colors or metals? No-No!

Try to go for a single or bi-color, and a maximum of two metals that blends well with your wedding attire. Too many metals and multicolored jewelry makes you look messy.

Not Everything Suits Your Face Shape And Skin Tone!

It is also imperative to take your face shape and skin tone into consideration while wedding jewellery shopping.

If you are a bride with:
  • Round-ShapedFace: Long necklace with diamond or pearl strands will suit best for you. You may try long earrings with it.
  • Oval-Shaped Face: A long or short necklace - both give you the same beauty. Long earrings are also suitable, but it doesn’t mean extra-long earrings.
  • Rectangular-Shaped Face: The high neck jewelry with short or round earrings can complete your look in the best way.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Choose shorter necklaces with heavy work or chokers, along with long earrings.

Want to know what jewelry will suit your skin type? Read How To Pick Jewelry That Compliments Your Skin Tone.

After digging deeper, still failed to find the wedding accessories jewelry set that matches your taste and preferences?

Just Customize It!

More people are gravitating towards custom-designed pieces of jewelry, rather than buying pre-fabricated jewelry on their special day. The main reason behind this is the endless options that the customized jewelry brings. When customizing, you can even have your old jewelry melted down and make them in a way that pleases them better.

You are ready to splurge a hefty amount on wedding jewelry, then why not make it the best with the help of the above-mentioned tips and our unique gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry collection in Salem!

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