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Tips on choosing the right jewellery for kids


Children are regarded as the reincarnate versions of God, and hence, buying gold jewellery for them has been an age-old practice. In the current age, however, jewellery for children has also taken a turn, where the children themselves realize and prefer wearing jewellery more as fashionable accessories, rather than just symbols of blessings or an investment. Keeping up with this change in the trends, here are some tips for choosing the right jewellery for kids!

Be mindful of the size of the jewels

It’s a well-known fact that kids outgrow things very fast. So, to avoid them outgrowing their adornments, make sure you go for adjustable bracelets or bangles, chains or necklaces that are flexible and can be elongated through attaching extra links as they grow older.

Kids are enthralled by colors

While it may seem that only gemstones set in jewels can make them colorful, there are a variety of other ways in which colors are adapted into the adornments these days. Lac, resins, enamel are a few different substances that have a rich heritage in the history of jewellery, and ornaments made from these can be very attractive to kids.

Kids love fiddling with things

And it’s up to the adults to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves while doing so. Avoid jewellery with stones set outward which may pose the threat of poking the kids accidentally. Instead, opt for jewels that have a smooth, undulating surface, curved edges, and round-cut stones.

Kids love jewels that jingle and not just twinkle

The walk of a new born toddler is music to our ears because of the jingling charms attached to their anklets. Likewise, most children love to hear their jewellery jingle, be it their anklets or bangles or earrings. So, opt for contemporary designs that integrate the allure of these jingles with the jewels and make sure your child would never want to take it off!

A personal touch always does wonders

The present generation of kids are way ahead of us in terms of their general awareness and knowledge. They keep up with the trends better than us, and are quite clear about the things they like and dislike. In such situations, it becomes a tad bit tougher for adults to get them to wear traditional gold jewellery. A simple way around this is to go for designs that personify the baby versions of the gods or other characters that the kids love.

Everything said and done, while we would love for our kids to look their best with various kinds of jewellery, do make sure that your kids are comfortable with what they’re wearing. After all, kids can be a hassle, but the jewels they wear should not!

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