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The ANS Jewelry Guide on how to match the neckline of your outfits to your jewellery


Choosing a necklace that goes best with your outfits can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are a novice in matching your accessories to your attire. Necklaces and pendant chains are available in a plethora of variants that will suit or not suit the necklines of your various attires. Read on to know more about the five common necklines and the kinds of necklaces, pendant chains that will perfectly match them. 

  1. Scoop Neckline 

Choose short necklaces and pendant chains with volume for a scoop neckline that is common in clothing such as salwar-kameez, lehengas, and the like. This will highlight your neckline, oftentimes making your neck look longer and sleeker. 

  1. Strapless Neckline 

A trending neckline in the current times, strapless attires let you adopt statement accessories that create stunning fashion statements. Opt for chokers – heavy or light, to stand out from the crowd. Go for precious metal-based chokers to match traditional outfits, and beads or stones-based strings for western outfits. 

  1.  Halter-neck or V-shaped Neckline 

These necklines are timeless classics and are often seen in formal attire. Choose slim chains with captivating pendants to add a hint of glamour. Customized pendants, minimally patterned chains, or accessories based on slight filigree work will work best to keep the limelight trained on you. 

– Halter
– V Neck 

Boat-shaped Neckline 

This neckline is used to highlight your collarbones. So, choose long chains to keep the attention trained on your neck and at the same time, subtly exuding charisma. Be it sarees or salwar-kameez, or even western outfits, adding a long chain or necklace to a boat-shaped neckline will ensure you remain the center of attention. 

  1. Off-shoulder Neckline 

All the rage in current times, the off-shoulder neckline allows for a lot of experimentation in matching accessories. Go all out and find asymmetric necklaces, set in beads or stones, to present a compelling style statement.  

While there are many more variations in the necklines that are prevalent in the existing fashion scenario, you can ensure an alluring look every time by following simple guidelines. Embrace the concept of contrasting by choosing longer necklaces for wide-open necklines, and shorter necklaces for relatively constricted necklines.  

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