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Season of Illumination – Welcome the Goddess of Prosperity into your homes


It’s the month of Aadi, a time of celebration and prayers glorifying the multiple avatars of Ashtalakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi, one of the manifestations of Shakti, the energetic force of the Divine, is renowned and worshipped for her giving nature. She bestows prosperity in various forms through each of her eight avatars, and the Varalakshmi pooja that is conducted towards the end of the Aadi month is celebrated with great aplomb to gain her benevolence.

The eight avatars of Goddess Lakshmi are as follows –

1.Adi Lakshmi

The primordial form of the goddess, Adi Lakshmi bestows prosperity on her worshippers for them to attain their life goals through which they can attain Moksha or freedom from the cycle of life and death. Seated on the divine pink lotus, adorned with gold jewellery, she is depicted with four hands displaying the Abhaya mudra, Varada mudra, one hand holding the lotus, and one holding a flag representing surrender to the Divine.

2.Dhana Lakshmi

This avatar of the goddess grants her worshippers qualities like willpower, determination, strength, and perseverance. She is depicted with six hands, wielding a discus, a conch, a lotus, a bow and arrow, and a pitcher of water. Her palms are displayed with golden coins gushing out. 

3.Dhanya Lakshmi

Dhanya, which translates to ‘being blessed’ is bestowed on worshippers of the Goddess Dhanya Lakshmi. There’s nothing that one can achieve with lots of physical wealth, while suffering from poor health or malnourishment. She provides nourishment to all, without discrimination, and her worshippers honour her by seeking her blessings before partaking meals and serving those in need. Decked in green clothes and holding various agricultural instruments in her hands, she grants her devotees good crops and harvest through the years.

4.Gaja Lakshmi

This avatar of the goddess represents the importance of animals and their contribution to our lives. Of particular significance to farmers, people pray to Goddess Gaja Lakshmi to gain her blessings for the continued health of animals like cows, bulls, poultry, elephants, etc. so that their wealth in terms of dairy, warfare, tilling the agricultural lands, can continue. She is flanked by a white male and female elephant.

5.Santana Lakshmi

A bestower of wealth in the form of fertility, Goddess Santana Lakshmi dispels negativity and offers the boon of a child to her worshippers. Children, being one of the greatest treasures for any couple, also need fierce protection and compassion to grow into responsible individuals. Santana Lakshmi is typically depicted with a baby in her arms, and holding two pitchers of water, a sword, and a shield.

6.Dhairya Lakshmi

Goddess Dhairya Lakshmi grants her worshippers the strength they require to overcome obstacles on their paths of material and spiritual life. She is depicted with a variety of weapons in her hands along with scriptures and a conch through which the courage and wisdom needed to persevere in life is symbolized. Worshippers pray to her for resolve to stay determined and optimistic in their life path.

7.Vidya Lakshmi

Vidya, meaning “knowledge”, is integral for a person to realize their potential and decide the path of their life. Vidya Lakshmi bestows her worshippers with mental resilience, fortitude, will power, and intellectual realization, all that one requires to prosper in their lives. She is depicted with four hands, two holding lotuses and one palm in the Abhaya mudra, and one in the Varada mudra.

8.Vijaya Lakshmi

Victory, the ultimate achievement, both in material and spiritual life, is the factor that precedes wealth. Vijaya Lakshmi bestows victory to her worshippers, instilling them with confidence and hope, granting tenacity and grit in their life’s purposes. She is bedecked in red, adorned with gold ornaments, and holds a discus, sword, shield, noose, conch, and a lotus in her hands.

Goddess Lakshmi in all her avatars, manifests wealth in various forms, and the Varalakshmi Pooja is the day when worshippers seek her benevolence for a blessed life. Ladies deck themselves up in gold, fast for the day, and offer prayers to the Goddess. ANS Jewelry Swarnapuri has a wide range of collections, both in jewellery and collectibles, that would be the perfect aid, or gift for every person in the household celebrating the glory of Goddess Lakshmi.

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