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Revelling in the flamboyance of the Peacock


An enchanting and inherently established motif of Indian culture since centuries past, the Peacock motif has graced several forms of art, craft, and architecture. A popular symbol for creative expressions, the peacock has represented pride and prestige for royalty through the ages. It’s no surprise then that this motif has been exceedingly used in jewellery crafting.

The bird is known for its beautiful amalgamation of colours, grace, and dainty tread. Jewellers have sought inspiration from every part of its charm – be it the shape of its feathers, plumage, colours, its eyes, and most of all, the fanning out of its feathers as it dances right before the rains. Not just its physical beauty, the peacock is also known for its mythical symbolism as it is the Vaahana or vehicle of the great lord of war – Karthikeya, who is known for his speed, valour and victory. Peacock feathers are donned by Lord Krishna, the avatar of the Preserver – Lord Vishnu.

Here are a few jewellery pieces featuring this illustrious motif:


The peacock motif is intricately detailed and engraved in necklaces, as single or dual motifs. The beauty of the motif is enhanced by embellishing precious stones or enamel to highlight the colours of the peacock.


The peacock has long feathers that are scintillating both when they spread them out or leave them down. In earrings, this motif is represented with long swishes or unfolded feathers, as danglers, jhumkis, or even studs.


Kadas are single gold bangles that are of a typically greater girth than that of bangles. The peacock is carved out as the central highlight of the Kada, with its tail extending out as the circumference of the accessory. 


With cocktail rings becoming all the rage, an antique touch is established with the peacock motif. Embellished with precious stones or inlaid with enamel or lac resin, the rings with this motif stand out as striking highlights.


The royalty of brides is expounded with the Vangi or arm cuff design encrusted with the peacock motif. The motifs represent majesty and unity to enhance bridal outfits and are also known to bring luck and prosperity.  

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