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Jewelry that’s as personal as your relationship


February is fast-approaching, and what the month is best known for, is the Valentine’s Day. The day that signifies love, the day that is reserved for indulgence and pampering, the day that drives you to create a tribute to all the beautiful times you’ve shared with your loved one. And what better way to sweep your loved ones off their feet than gifting them customized jewelry – timeless pieces that serve as a constant reminder of your love. Here we have a few ideas of customization that will make your darling swoon in pleasure.

1. Redefine Yourselves

Names are our identities, something each person answers to, something that is deeply entrenched in our psyche. And gifting that name to the one you love is akin to sharing your identity with them.

2. Momentary Celebration, Everlasting Journey

Moments are precious. And some moments are so beautiful that they’re unforgettable. Mark the dates that mean the most to you both on a ring or a chain, and watch your dear one slip into nostalgia every time they look at it.

3. Complementary colors for complementing characters

Gifting their birthstone as a pendant or a ring takes the cakefor those fascinated with colors, and who take pride in their personalities being guided by their stars.

4. Adoring Accolades

While age is no barrier to love, expressing love to the dearly aged can take a twist. For those couples eager to engage in romance, albeit in a very mild way, gifting an engraved gold/silver coin to your better half will work wonders.

5. A Steadfast Love affair

Through the long walk life, there are always a few words that deeply resonate with us. Chisel out these words on a piece of jewelry and gift it to your loved ones, giving them a talisman that they can always derive strength from.               

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