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Bling in the New Year


As much as you love those New Year party invites, there is always the anxiety about what jewellery to wear to make a sensational appearance at the event. A grand New Year’s Eve bash, an intimate family gathering or a casual night on the town with friends – it can be any kind of celebratory party, but your outfit needs that bling to make it complete. Your personal sense of style is as much a determinant of what to wear as is the occasion. Here are a few ideas to make a stunning style statement as you celebrate the new year.

1.A cocktail ring

A dramatic, eye-catching cocktail ring is the surest way to be a striking presence at any party. Cocktail rings are oversized statement pieces that are larger than regular rings. The quintessential cocktail ring has a large gemstone at the centre, which is accentuated by smaller gems.

2. Chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings are a type of long, dangling earrings in a cascading shape. It usually has beads or gemstones attached to give you a beautiful sparkly look. They are awe-inspiring and makes it impossible for the wearer to avoid attention and applause.

3. A layered necklace

Pair elegance with glamour with a layered necklace. It beautifully fills your neckline and goes with both western and ethnic outfits. A layered necklace studded with diamonds will give you that starry aura that will dazzle the world.

4. Diamond bracelet

Add some shimmer to your wrist as you ring in the new year. Depending on the scale and theme of the party, you can choose an understated, elegant diamond bracelet or a dramatic one.

5. Navaratna necklace

Want to start the new year on an auspicious note? A Navaratna necklace will be the ideal choice for you. It will also add colour and positive vibes to your ensemble and persona.

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