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Are you making these jewellery mistakes?


Jewellery is a precious part of our lives. Our tastes may differ, our budgets may vary, but we are united in our passion for exquisitely crafted adornments that add that much-needed bling to our lives. But there are some mistakes that are commonly made while purchasing, wearing, cleaning and storing these shiny treasures. Read on to know if you are guilty of these mistakes and for tips to avoid making them.

1. Wearing the same jewellery every day

We understand that you could fall in love with a particular piece of jewellery and want to wear it all the time. But it could be unexciting for people who see you every day, and you will be missing out on the compliments you’d get if you kept them guessing what you’d be wearing.

2. Not experimenting with jewellery

Don’t pass up the opportunity to be creative with your jewellery choices. Be bold and adventurous once in a while and keep abreast of the emerging trends in jewellery fashion.

3. Not cleaning your jewellery often enough

Jewellery can get grimy with frequent use, and you need to take them off every couple of weeks to clean it. This helps restore the glow and glitter of your ornaments and will also prevent infections.

4. Not storing your ornaments in the right manner

Never store your jewellery in such a way that they rub against each other. This can cause scratches and other damages. Instead, store them in proper jewellery boxes or in smaller, separate padded boxes.

5. Not purchasing jewellery from reputed, certified stores

Jewellery is expensive, and most people consider it as an investment more than an adornment. When you shell out your hard-earned money to purchase jewellery, you need to make sure that they bear hallmarks, come with certifications and belong to a brand.

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