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A touch of glow for the gentlemen.


Jewellery has always stood as a symbol of wealth and prosperity through the ages. For men, especially, jewels have always signalled a deep meaning – be it as a sign of commitment, as heirlooms or as symbols of status. While there is a general notion that men shy away from wearing jewellery and owning it as part of their fashion quotient, in the current age, men are increasingly adopting classier ways of adorning themselves and rocking their looks!

Men’s jewellery of today has truly come into its own, with jewellers offering a wide range of accessories for men to choose from. From casual, everyday wear to stunning accessories that would be perfect for momentous occasions, men today are enthusiastic about traditional jewellery combined with a twist! 

For the gentlemen on a quest to wear the perfect accessory that will set them a class apart, here we are, with a few tips on how to wear it right!

1. Keep it simple

Minimalism works best when in doubt. Pair your ring with a smart bracelet, or use just cufflinks with a tie-holder. Don’t pile on jewellery just because you have it.

2. Mix-n-match of metals is a big no-no

Don’t mix the metals of your jewellery when you wear them. If you are wearing a gold chain, make sure to accessorize it with a gold bracelet, or if you have a platinum ring, wear a platinum-based bracelet with it.

3. Wear meaningful jewellery

One of the best ways to stand apart is with a single accessory that has a deep meaning or symbolism behind it – like a family insignia or a band of commitment. These singular accessories will also act as a great conversation-starter!

4. Accessorize appropriately

It pays to be mindful of the occasion that you would be wearing your jewellery to. Ostentatious jewellery that is worn in a professional setting might be off-putting to those surrounding you. Choose sleek bands or thin chains for such situations and leave your glittering, dazzling jewellery for evening parties or festive occasions.

5. Choose your colors wisely

These days, fancy colored diamonds and many other different kinds of jewellery are all the rage. Make sure you choose the right amount of sparkle and complementary-colored accessories when you put together your outfit of the day.

Through all this, gentlemen, make sure you are comfortable while wearing your accessories and own every room you walk into! 

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